Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Are you a lawyer?

MCA..the day democracy was dead!!!
That was what Ti Lian Ker wrote in his blog dated Sept. 26, 2008. He reproduced a scanned document purportedly a Memorandum of Agreement made in April 2002 between the MCA Team A and Team B.
I just fail to understand the relationship between the title to the blog and the documents posted. Why was democracy (in MCA?) dead? Why Ti, being a lawyer by training chose to post a document not duly executed by both parties. In law, documents not duly executed and/or completed by parties involved cannot in any way be construed as binding or at the very least be of any conclusive proof or evidence.
As per my earlier posting at Matthias Chang The Great, I had stated that I was involved in the Team A /Team B crisis and I know fully well the problems and issues faced by MCA then. I am aware of the existence of the Memorandum of Agreement, who prepared same and the manner in which Dato' Lim Ah Lek (now Tan Sri) and Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing had signed the document. I am also mindful that Lim Ah Lek had signed the document at around 12.45 am (past midnight).
Can democracy be dead when parties at loggerhead chose to compromise? Democracy can come in many ways, among others by the "soft" or the "hard" ways. Coming to terms by way of mutual agreements will never in any manner make democracy dead! Isn't compromise a part of democratic process?
At the moment and on many previous postings by Ti, I just fail to understand him. Being a lawyer like Matthias Chang and Lawyer Kampung, I am puzzled...


  1. aIYOYO BRUTHER! I didn't know u are so emotional and personal here. This happens to be a document I found while clearing my old documents. I am not in a court of law here la. This is a political forum.The document is for the benefit of younger members for whatever it is worth in MCA historical lessons. It is a reminder of the events then. Democracy is dead is to provoke thinking man like you... The subsequent events and the 'status quo' and terms of reference here was much quoted, referred and executed politically and accordingly during the MCA election then. TIS IS PURELY A POLITICAL STATEMENT AND A POLITICAL FACR TOO.
    Being legally trained, you should know that democracy cannot be signed away by neither Lim Ah Lek or Ling Liong Sik. The delegates were never consulted. An EGM could easily be called to decide. Not an MOU by so and so and signed under possible political duress and arm twisting etc etc. Less said for the moment-better..

    Sorry for delay in publishing your comment on my blog. Thanks for your view. Agree to differ. Sibuk campaign la...Well wishes??

  2. Ti is in a class of his own. Dia kuat torture minda orang untuk berfikir. Maybe that's what we need now.

  3. Hahaha Brader Ti,
    As big bro surely I wish you best of luck in your endeavour to be voted in as Central Committee of MCA.
    If u had found old documents while clearing is just like digging old graves. Surely u will find skeleton! Hahaha
    I will agree with u if u had posted a duly executed document signed by all parties. Political arguments should not compromise legal restrictions etc...since u agree to disagree! Politicians are bound by the law too?
    Whatever it is, the end result of the subject matter clearly show that democracy is alive, well and flourishing in MCA (for that matter in BN). U subscribe to that and u manifest same by offering urself as candidate in the coming party election. Would u do that if u are dead certain that democracy is dead in MCA?
    Cheers Bro!

    To CIKGU,
    "Ti is in a class of his own"...
    Careful here Cikgu. It can mean the extremes. If one is in a class of his own it can either be a genius or the other extreme a moron. Both cannot join the rest of the class and a special class got to be created for each of the extremes. Each need seperate class & special tuition. In short, even if one is a genius or a moron, he is left alone and will has no classmates!
    "Dia kuat torture minda orang untuk berfikir"...
    Aiyoyoyo.....sadist! Nevertheless if one is a genius, he will think for us. If one is a moron, we have to think for him! Hahaha
    Cikgu, u raise a very interesting subject. Since I cannot get to see ur blog, if u are in Kuantan, do call on me. Maybe can have yam cha for small talk...u know where to get me..


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