Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kayveas, you better resign!

The adviser to PPP, Mr S I Rajah said there was no decision by the grassroot to pull out of BN. It was just Kayveas' idea.
There is no question of leaving BN, said S I Rajah. Read this in Utusan Malaysia

Like I said before in PPP to leave because of ISA? Kayveas must show maturity and firmness in his words. As far as Pahang is concern, with or without PPP, we will still hold fort and we are having a good grip of the political situations here.

I was informed that Kayveas was born in Pahang. Is it so? Sorry to say that there is no place in Pahang for leaders like you here anymore! We don't succumb to threats like that!


  1. Salam DSN,

    1. Just to share with you something bout this 'barking dog'. Yes he shows himself as a barking dog but he is truly a "cute" chihuahua.

    2. I was in one of the meeting in the 38th Floor UMNO HQ , 3-4 months
    and the meeting was the "restructuring" of BN and this fella keep talking and talking ...and all are bloody rhetoric...He's a liability to BN and also to the indian community...He keeps saying UMNO politicians are arrogant etc...Useless puss i say!

    3. Anyway, PPP is a libiality...look at Murugiah as well....trying to be champions of champion...but think with his other 'head'


  2. Salam Dato' SN,

    It's fair to say that Samy WAS a history. But this Kayveas, I guess he has no more story, so he's creating new story.

  3. This clearly shows the UMNO culture on how they treat their component parties.. You all are never important! Only UMNO are!
    Thats why people "support" BN a lot on the March 8th Election!

  4. Nada dude! @ The Malay male @ Amir Hafizi,

    1. As i said , we dont have qualms..I have nothing against you and i assumed likewise...

    2. I did put your blog as one of my favourite because even though you use "crude" language dude, i can read what u feel but then again when u start "yakking" in here about politics and what not know off of you...i find that suspectable dude...

    3. I did say i call a 'spade' a 'spade' and in my presence...and this is not hear say as you might have....I WAS IN THE MEETING with Kayveas several times and he angered people when he speaks...HE IS ARROGANT....

    4. You give respect to people who earned respect but not this Kayveas...

    5. Peace dude....keep writing more on life and not on politics dude....Peace out!!!


  5. Did not realise that Nada is still around!

    Waited for u Nada but U chicken out?

  6. DSN,

    1. I think you should just apologised the guy. He is still young and raw and has the "edge" bout him. Can't blame him tho..I was exactly like him then...with the alter ego that im always right...and no shit attitude....anyway, maturity has altered my ego and alhamdulillah im now pretty sensible..(hahaha i guess!)

    2. Anyway, our friend Nada is a famous blogger nickname The Malay Male or his real name (as he put in his blog) Amir Hafizi.To read his blog, please go to

    Anyway take care DSN, till we rub shoulder again soon.....Salam

  7. Prodigal Maestro,don't even start to be a smart ass here. I have been ignoring you but you are constantly stepping on my tail when im not even bothered or know who the hell are you. You can call a spade a spade, a joker a joker, a king a king, I DO NOT CARE.First of all,your claims of whoever i am is not even true. I'm not even Malay or Muslim for God's sake. How did u connect me with that guy,whatever his name is i really dont have any idea. You just bad named someone over nothing. Fitnah to that Amir dude. LOL. Its just funny. Really really funny for me. Thanks for the humour, you made my day today!

    And to Dato DSN,i did state in my previous comment about our certain meet up right? i did say CLEARLY that i will be there if MY JOB doesnt disturb my schedule? I have a dayjob and on that day itself,my job didnt allow me to move around. And meeting up a politician might be the least important things on my daily to-do list. So please don't act all MAN just because of these because i clearly stated it in my previous comment. Maybe you can check it and refresh your memory!
    I feel really bad for your friend who passed away too as i have known friends who knocked into cows on that particular highway before,i know how it feels.
    Therefore,i also feel that you mourning over his passing is even more important than meeting me up.

  8. DSN,

    1. I apolgosie that i must use ur blog to write this to our 'friend' nada...

    2. Nada wrote.."I'm not even Malay or Muslim for God's sake. "...come on dude....u wrote in ur previous comments that u balik kuantan for harai raya aidiladha....your trying to do some 'spinning' but dude....ur up against a master spinner here....i make my dough from spinning and u make ur dough from asking people to donate to your bank account....

    3. Nada dude...i was a reader on ur Malay male blog....and mind u how much u spin....u wrote something similar there what u wrote here about being in kuantan takda air....

    4. Dude....i have no qualms against u....and i still say i enjoy ur writing on ur malay male....ikhlas ni...cuma jgn attack org itu je.....u will be up against someone u wish u x kacau in reality...maybe in blogsphere u can say things...but i hope u dont meet a real 'nasty' dude that would bring it outside....i.e. Special Branch...:)

    5. Lets stop all this thing ok...i dont think DSN wants to see in his blog some harsh words being mentioned...and im this close to getting my old self back.....Let me not do it..pls....

    Lennon said " make love not war"
    but Patton said If War they want, war we give"


  9. Prodigal Meastro,
    If its really true that this Nada is a Malay and a Muslim, he has openly declared that he is not even a Malay or a Muslim!

    This is serious and I hope he "taubat" ASAP!

  10. DSN,

    1. I think this my last post RE: Nada, unless he comes in here an 'yak' again. For me, i dont need another 'foe' to fight online cos i have greater 'enemies'...

    2. If you read back all his comments on this blog, it is consistent to say he is a malay and muslim...and here i'm going to put a link to the Malay Male blog that wrote something on this issue of no water in kuantan...

    3. I am not a conspiracy theorist..not one bit...but aint it peculiar....oh well whatever nevermind (as said by Cobain)..

    To Nada, this is the last time i'm going to mention your nick (unless i said you would like to start again antoganising on this blog) If you listen to Gun's N Roses "Get in the ring" you would know what i'm trying to say dude...

    Peace out and Salam....

  11. Prodigal Maestro memang bodoh. I have clearly stated and i can swear upon my parents name that i was not born a Malay and i'm not a Muslim. You are being dumb for throwing accusations about me or that azmi guy. You terang terang dah fitnah si azmi tu tak tentu pasal. I can swear i have no idea who the person is. You dont need to act a smart ass and if you want to threaten me about a special branch or whatever, haha all i can say is Bak mai la! Hangpa bak mai jer lah! You don't know what i do for a living. Haha.

    I went back to Kuantan for Hari Raya Haji, yes but as a Malaysian i am celebrating it with my Malay friends. Takkan you Mr Prodigal Maestro as an Umno supporter dont know that non Malays can join Malay Muslim friends to celebrate festivities? LOL you must be real funny. hahhaa. aku boleh sumpah aku bukan melayu, sumpah aku bukan Islam and i wish you bertaubat dan minta ampun for deframing Azmi a.k.a The Malay Male. I AM NOT MUSLIM! And Dato DSN,i do not need to taubat. Come on you all must be smarter than this because this is seriously very low! Very low till it doesnt stop making me LAUGH OUT LOUD!

  12. OK Nada,
    Got u. U are not a Malay and Not a Muslim. U complained about JBA for the water issue. U came down to Kuantan to celebrate with your muslim friends for a number of days and wearing the same baju for a few days. Ya ya... when it rains you lament about the boiled jering with kelapa parut....

    Prodigal Maestro,
    Lets just laugh...LOL

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Seriously embarassing to know humans with such low mentality is helping to run the Pahang state. Seriously memalukan. Haha. Tak percaya u both leave your phone number, i will call you guys and speak in my language. hahahhahahha. Prodigal Maestro, aku cabar kau. Aku cabar kau untuk bawak SPECIAL BRANCH officers rush rumah Azmi , tangkap dia! Hahhahha because it'll be very very funny. hhaahahhahahah i'm right here and azmi gets caught for nothing. Oh my god i seriously cannot believe you all are this dumb!
    Korang betul betul bengong ke apa? hahahhahahahhahahahahahaha.

  15. DSN,

    1. Laugh out loud!! Roll on the floor Laughing!! HAHA HUHU HEHE...:))

    2. Dont worry, am not gonna be drawn into this mental "antagonize" thing on your blog.

    3. Awie (Pekida Naga @ Wings) once sang "Mulia di balas syurga, dosa kan sengsara, Ini Hukum Karma...." Yes, let karma set its course....

    4. AXL Rose from Guns n F Roses sang in his song 'Get In The Ring'
    "Why do you look at me when you hate me
    Why should I look at you when you
    make me hate you too
    I sense a smell of retribution in the air
    I don't even understand why the fuck
    you even care
    And I don't need your jealousy yeah
    Why drag me down in your misery
    And when you stare don't you think I feel it
    But I'm gonna deal it back to you in spades
    When I'm havin' fun ya know I can't conceal it
    'Cause I know you'd never cut it in my game
    Oh no
    And when you're talkin' about a vasectomy
    I'll be writin' down your obituary

    5. I apologise for using the F word but thats just the lyrics by Axl...blame him hehehe


  16. Prodigal Maestro,its okay. People do things like that when they are embarassed of themselves for getting things wrong. You can make it up for being a dumbass this couple of days regarding this issue. Haha you dont know how hard i'm laughing at you. Peasant.


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