Monday, December 1, 2008

PPP to leave because of ISA?

Kayveas taking PPP out of Barisan Nasional simply because of ISA. Its a draconian law. Its supposed to be used on terrorists only. Kayveas: We will leave Barisan if ISA is not amended

I hope Kayveas read the Patriot Act of the USA which can be read in wikipedia ( and can be downloaded vide

PPP is not a strong party within the BN and have not won a single seat in the last GE.

If PPP wants the ISA amended, please propose the amendments sought and the justification thereof. Kayveas might be a lawyer by training and at times what you read in the law books might not be the same as the one in real life.

Insofar as Pahang is concern, with or without PPP, BN can still survive, God Willing.


  1. berambus lah kayveas.ada tak de sama je.kalau ada wat menyemak buat apa.

  2. Pundek kayveas! Dey thambi better u quit now b4 u've been kick-out!

  3. Dato, PPP ni senasib je dgn IPF, Hindraf, bg kayveas merasa ISA br dia tau! Kita tgk sape yg kena. Pm dah lantik jd timb menteri pun patut berterima kasih...

  4. Oh, kalau gitu PPP ni ada lagi lah!
    Ish, ingatkan dah lama MATI...

  5. DSN,
    Let them go. And go to HELL! There are no different with or without them. Bila orang Melayu bercakap, mereka kata kita rasist, bila mereka bercakap perkara sama mereka kata kesamaan hak. Mereka hanya mengambil kesempatan dari kelemahan kita dan kelemahan pemimpin kita - PL. Sila baca juga tulisan saya di blog bRAVE hEART -
    Salam Dato', perjuangan kita baru bermula!


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