Friday, November 28, 2008

When Najib Becomes the PM - Part 3. Who will be the Pahang MB?

From my earlier posting of ''When Najib Becomes the PM -Part 2'', 2 comments worth a full posting in reply and herewith reproduced in full...

ZV said...

Dear DSN...
Quoted from ur post..
If at all they have any intention of becoming the next MB of Pahang come March 2009, my word of advice to Jabatan Penerangan, "don't adjust the volume or change the's the way they talk!".As u know there is already talk in bandar (kuantan) that a new MB will emerge come March 09 and your post here strengthen the rumor...perhaps the new MB comes from the very division in which the state capital sits...perhaps yea? However, the new MB, if these is one, will need tutoring on public speaking, face-to-face communication and above all improve the hell his communication skills especially in english since his only mastered foreign lingo is japanese...yes? Then again, Long aways said he is tired lah, wanna rileks lah, time to take a step down lah...Ayahanda di Pekan pun dok paster PM to change MB, maybe its about time kot? Maybe the nippon-speaking MB should be given a chance the way Long was given in 1999...kan?
Kuantan Permanent Resident

Sivaji The Boss said...
U mean Khalil's legacy!!!Porahh citt , that guy not even chew his vocals, but also blurr of idea, come on bro, opposition in Pahang much much more stronger than b4, need someone brutal dey, bravery cha and voice like fiery lion..

Changing of the MB have become the battle cry and a popular campaign strategy during the run up to the UMNO Mesyuarat Bahagian recently. “Vote me for Ketua Bahagian, I’ll be the next MB” was the tagline! All in all, there was supposed to emerge an MB from Temerloh, Lipis, Raub, Cameron Highlands and naturally Kuantan.
The MB from Temerloh, Cameron Highlands and Kuantan won the Ketua Bahagian MTB (Menang Tak Bertanding) i.e uncontested. The MB from Lipis was defeated and the MB from Raub won with a narrow margin. Surely the other MBs should be happy that the MB from Lipis was defeated. Can we just term that as a process of elimination, to make the game more fun?

Needless to say, the MB remains the one from Bentong. The one with the fiery lion's voice, speaks clearly and in fact Jabatan Penerangan had to reduce the microphone volume at times. Insofar of his mastery of the English language both written and spoken, can never be doubted. He was an English subject teacher way back in the 70s and 80s. If at all there is any credit to be given to DSN's English, he learned it from the MB from Bentong in the 70s. Well, the English of the old days! But mind you, the same English was used by DSN at the High Court of London at the Strands (argued personally) and at the Privy Council (assisting a Queens Counsel together with another very senior counsel) in England when DSN had the honour of arguing cases there when Privy Council was still part of the legal system in Malaysia. Nevertheless DSN wish to state that his spoken English is with Dongshire accent! DSN is from Kampong Dong, don't you forget! DSN must also say that he became an Advocate & Solicitor simply because he was fascinated with the subject British Constitution taught by the MB from Bentong in Form 6 at Sulaiman Secondary School in 1976.

DSN must also say that as far as he can remember, i.e since 1971 when he first knew the MB from Bentong and the whole family, the MB from Bentong had not missed his solat! Even if he had missed any he would solat qada'.

Can any of the other MBs from the other Districts match that?

Want to know about the background of the other ''MB in waiting''?

The one from Kuantan, Sivaji the Boss & ZV had given a comprehensive CV and DSN need not add any further as he forbid himself from adding salt to wounds!

The MB from Raub is of the same kampong with DSN and ''takkan nak kutuk orang kampong sendiri'' right? If at all DSN need to say anything, the MB from Raub can speak English but not sure if the English of England would understand him! The “OK Orait Thank you” type. Solatwise, can't be better off than the MB from way man!

The MB from Cameron? He was DSN's classmate in Mahmud Secondary School in Raub way back in 1974-75 and we stayed together in the school hostel. But when DSN was accepted to continue his Form 6 in Sulaiman Secondary School, Bentong, he was not in the list of qualifiers! His English? Would just say unpolished or in Dongshire English, ''berkarat''! Solat? Can solat but if he becomes the imam, DSN might decide to ''farakah'' i.e ''keluar barisan''! Not keluar Barisan Nasional but just ''keluar saf''!

Since the MB from Lipis was defeated, shall we spare him the praises? Nevertheless,if at all he become the MB, EXCO meetings will be for 2 days. He is the longest long winded person in the history of Pahang!

The MB from Temerloh, the fashion freak? He studied in the US but there was doubt as to whether he brought back any scroll. Read one article written by Jocelyn Tan of the Star a few years back saying that when DS Najib (please don't confuse yourself with the DSN in this blog) was on a visit to the US, DS Najib spotted him working in a furniture shop and advised him to come home to work with UMNO HQ as Setiausaha Kerja Pemuda when RTC was the Ketua. RTC subsequently went into trouble with the grago girl, remember? If he becomes the MB, his English will come with American slang! Wassup man! Yo yo! Punk & funky! Skinhead! Solat? Oh yes, surely he does cos' MB must be seen to be praying!

Oh... DSN forgets. There is also an MB from Rompin but at the moment he is a Member of Parliament! Legally it’s impossible to be an MB and surely he can wait till the 13th GE! For the moment he is content with dreaming to be reappointed as a Minister when Najib becomes the PM in March 2009.

Following the tradition of the Matthias Chang The Great, any one want to bet or a public debate? Come what may, the MB is still from Bentong in many more years to come!
And DSN will still be around blogging fearlessly!


  1. bro DSN,

    this is the best part so far. cant stop laughing. all the pretender MBs must be cursing you like hell. the fashion freak is stranded in Bangkok now. sawatdee khraab...
    after march 2009, the samseng kg dusun will still be around as DS Najib cant afford NOT to have an enforcer.
    LOL! ROTFL! LOLWTR- laughing out loaud with tears rolling!

  2. bro Tok Sak,
    Kaap khun khaap! LOL stranded in Bangkok and buying cheap imitations at Patpong!
    Tok Sak... I know u LOL at my Kampong mate....the Yes Orait Thank u!
    Soon I will write about "No read, no write"! This time u will LOLTYFTFO...hehehe

  3. OOOooOOOOOoo DSN,

    I din know Adnan speak good English.
    Dun recite poetry to a hungry barbarian wielding a sabre..

  4. Jed...keenapaaa..tak pecaye?
    How about reciting quranic verses to the devil?

  5. hee..hee dsn, u memang teroor wa caya sama lu memang berani, nap khon si yap moi ratt te ren rai mae auww...ada yang tengah menggigil tu kalau tok nan tengking...

  6. seram sejuk baca dsn punya cite, yang penting kita kena sokong tok nan untuk majukan dan terus perintah pahang. hapuskan musuh pembangkang, yang dalam parti jangan bayak agenda kalau tak semua menyesal nanti....tqvm

  7. Tok?Tok sak pun suka bergaya.Diapun fashion freak.Cuma malas sikit nak slimkan perut buncit dia.Otherwise bergaya and handsome sokmo!hahaha

  8. Haiyaa apek lu kilije sama itu latok , itu pasai lu wa caya sama itu latok nan, itu olang manyak mulah lejeki, suka bg olang ampau..mana ada calon mb lain mulah hati, tau2 mulah utk poket sendili, olang kata kedeng taik idung masin!!
    P/s: Patpong itu tempat ibadah ke??


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