Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vincent Lim vis-a-vis Matthias Chang

Vincent Lim resigns as PM’s political secretary

After 5 years, Vincent decided to quit. Low profile but with the "professor look". I had the honour of working with him in solving the Orang Asli church problem in Kuala Krau and Rompin some 5 years ago. Very professional but as a politician....No Way! Thinkers can never be politicians! Strategies? What strategy? Don't think they can see beyond the theories in the books they read! If they had good strategies, Pak Lah will not be what he is now! Having to go prematurely!

Compare with Matthias? No Way! They are miles apart. I had my piece on Matthias the Great here.
One thing for sure... Matthias' loyalty to Tun M was and still is Unquestionable but can't say the same for Vincent to Pak Lah. Is it to Pak Lah or to KJ & Nuri? ISIS is the place where they met?

To Vincent...good luck!
To Matthias...miss quarreling with you!


  1. Haiya whatever it is, both are chinese, no matter what nation agenda will be no 1st!
    P/s: Latok anan bila mau pasang PA chinese ma...@ already have?

  2. Hi Small Talk

    Running a country is very diff from running a corp, being an analyst, etc.
    It takes real talent.
    Or if God's grace to do it all.
    I believe Tun was protected by God all this while although he also made mistakes.
    Anyway that's just my bias interpretation of events. ;)


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