Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Political Secretaries

1. Political Secretaries to the Prime Ministers and Federal Ministers are appointed in accordance with Article 43C of the Federal Constitution and is applied mutatis mutandis to those appointed by the Chief Ministers of the States.
"Article 43C of the Federal Constitution. 
(1) The Prime Minister may appoint such number of persons as he may think fit to be Political 
(2) A person appointed as a Political Secretary by virtue of this Article- 
 (a) need not be a member of either House of Parliament; 
 (b) may resign his office at any time
 (c) subject to paragraph (b), shall continue in office until such time as his appointment is 
determined by the Prime Minister
(3) The provisions of Clause (4) of Article 43B shall apply to Political Secretaries as they apply 
to Parliamentary Secretaries. 
(4) The duties and functions of Political Secretaries, and their renumeration, shall be determined 
by the Cabinet."
 2. Political Secretaries are Members of the Administration as defined by Article 160 of the Constitution.
"Member of the administration" means, in relation to the Federation, a person holding 
office as Minister, Deputy Minister, Parliamentary Secretary or Political Secretary and, in 
relation to a State, a person holding a corresponding office in the State or holding office as 
member (other than an official member) of the Executive Council;"
 3. On the premises above, a political secretary can resign on his own accord OR his holding of office is determined by the person who appoints him at any time.

4. There can be no contract of service as his position is governed by the Constitution.

5. In other words, he has no right to question why he was appointed and shall not also question why he is being terminated.

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