Friday, June 5, 2009

Pas Pahang scrambling for seats?

  • Now Pas admit they want more seats come next election. See this Bernama report.
  • They won nothing for Parliament and got 2 seats in the State Assembly.
  • This Ustaz(?) Shukri admit more members want to contest the elections, for he feels has better change of winning now compared to previous elections.
  • These words coming from a delegate from Pahang at the Pas Muktamar, have to be taken with a pinch of salt.
  • Where did this Shukri think in Pahang, Pas can take over the seats allocated for PKR or DAP?
  • Is he hinting for seats now held by DAP in Tras and Triang? And Kuantan and Indera Mohkota now held by PKR?
  • Based on the performance of all Pas ADUNs since the 1999 term, not even one have ever been exemplary. Glancing through the hansards of the Pahang State Assembly, none from Pas, have any substance in arguments, debates and or possess any legislative skills.
  • Being an "ustaz" none can even be a proper and decent ADUN.
I have the greatest of respect for your courage to speak, but I don't buy your idea. With warm regards to the Pahang delegates at the Muktamar.

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