Thursday, June 25, 2009

A gullible ustaz

There are people from Pas Pahang using the Facebook questioning why Pahang cultivated too much oil palm.

They say, it's for the benefit of UMNO and how gullible they are! Gullible might be too harsh a word and maybe stupid will more appropriate!

They must be some mediocre politician who called themselves ustaz so and so; who knows nothing about anything except that they know how to made as much "dosa" as possible.

Hey, you idiot who called yourself an ustaz, the money from the oil palms are used to finance your children in schools and also pay your salary when you worked with the Government before you contested in 1999 and won and lost in 2004 and 2008.

Take a look and click at the pictures shown here and see for yourself where the money from kelapa sawit cultivated by the Pahang Governmnent go. And stop being so stupid!


  1. Ha Ha Ha. Good one DSN. Pity those "Ustaz" who talked without any homework done.

  2. meroyan da ni dato'..filer nak jadi wakil rakyat..habis ayat Quran di putar belitnya


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