Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tahniah buat JJ

JJ to be Ambassador to US tajuk berita dari The Malaysian Insider. Sebagai rakan lama, diucapkan tahniah dan selamat bertugas. Kewibawaan JJ akan memberi dimensi baru hubungan

Malaysia - US. Pastinya orang Pahang Boleh!!!
p/s my visa to the US is still valid till 2018. See you there JJ...


  1. Salam Dato',

    I can still recall an embarrassing moment I have had back in 2004. I am the type of person who is kind of slow in recognising faces. I was on my way back home from London, when I saw a fellow passenger whose face was very familiar to me. I time tu tgh kelam-kabut, pasal apa dah tak ingat sangat, so I decided to seek assistance from this familiar face. I addressed him as "Encik.." but he buat selamba je, he was helpful.

    Then I saw a box he was having with him labeled "Dato' Jamaluddin Jarjis..". Alamak!

    Congrats to H.E Dato' JJ..

  2. Ida,
    Not to worry and not to be embarrased about not calling a Dato' as a Dato'. The Dato'ship is not posted on the dahi...
    I would rather be called an Encik esp. when in the JHDN office...and a few other places...*sigh*

  3. Salam,

    Haha...mesra ada makna tu... Tapi takpelaa tahniah untuk JJ ,moga tak ramai punggung kena raba kat USA, tapi takpe kot sbb org kat sana dah biase kena penggang


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