Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Perak Dewan Sitting - Dissenting Sakmongkol!

I read SakmongkolAK47 and respect his take on the matter. He is entitled to his opinion and perception on the episode. I am entitled to mine too.
Dewan Sitting on the very first day for every "penggal" must begin with the Royal Address by the Ruler. As the case in Perak, on the 7th May 2009, it was scheduled for the Official Opening by the Ruler and the first agenda must be the Royal Address i.e after usual protocol of the Cokmar being brought into the Dewan and the recital of prayers.
As in all Official Opening, guests and ADUN alike must be allowed into the Dewan, seated in a pre-arranged protocol. The Speaker will sit at the seat normally allocated for the Secretary as his seat will be occupied by the Ruler and His Consort.
There was legal battles prior to the date of the sitting and the Federal Court Order was interpreted in all sorts ways. Nevertheless, all have agreed that Zambry and the 6 Exco members can attend the Sitting, with a few saying that they may attend but should not participate. Whatever is the interpretation, the fact is, they can attend. All others can also attend including authorised persons. As security is of the paramount considerations, the Police had obtained a Court Order prohibiting unauthorised persons from attending or coming near the Dewan premises. Why was Sivakumar so ardamant about chasing Zambry and the other 6 out of the Dewan? There was no Court Order or any other orders for that matter preventing Zambry & Co from attending the Dewan and listening/attending to the Ruler in respect of the Royal Address!
Whatsoever might be our political affiliation, the fact that the Raja Muda was not even allowed to deliver the Royal Address until after 6 hours of booing, jeering, tearing and ejecting is really uncalled for and from You Tube etc including smses and life telephone conversations from persons inside the Dewan clearly show the Pakatan Pembangkang ADUNs were the loudest and rowdiest!
It will not happen in Pahang as respect for the Sultan, the Tengku Mahkota and the Istana is still very very deep here. What Raja Nazrim had endured and His Royal Highness admonisition of the ADUN lead by Nizar is really adorable. Sivakumar was the stubborn head and come to think about it, he should have been ejected long time ago!


  1. Dear Dato',

    Shameful, very shameful. Yet there are people out there who are still supporting these rowdy politicians. Teruk betul cara melatah bila tau peruik nasi dah tergugat.

    If it is justice they are seeking, this is not the way how the learned and trusted ones should behave. Meluat!

  2. Ada tahu kira?

    31 or 28 ?

    mana lebih banyak?

  3. shameful is the word but some people just don't know it.

  4. I supposed Najib and his cabinet owes explanation to the rakyat.

    Most of us are still confused why this happened and how it took place. Those who are against, exploited and spin every corner of the tragedy but above all, most rakyat need to be explained.

  5. Mantra,
    Must Najib & his cabinet explain? It should be Sivakumar & Co to explain as to why they have no respect for the Ruler!

    Takkan Najib kena explain semua benda yg berlaku di Malaysia ini. Takkan traffic lights tak nyala di Melaka pun Najib nak kena explain?


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