Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bengkel KPI ADUN Pahang

Sebahagian daripada YB yang menghadiri Bengkel sedang berbincang mengenai KPI.

Apakah yang dimaksudkan dengan KPI?

Apakah KPI Wakil Rakyat?

Siapakah Stakeholder yang diutamakan oleh Wakil Rakyat?

Bagaimana KPI bagi Wakil Rakyat itu dibuat sukatan?


  1. Salam Datuk,

    It's good that Pahang is doing this.

    May I revert your attention to what I wrote in my past article back in January. It is actually about the KPI on education sector.

    "At the same time, the government must ensure that the national school system is improved to the same standard it has back in the olden days where students were thought driven, and not so much being exam-centric.

    The Prime Minister must be strong enough to tell the people within the education system machinery that national schools must be made attractive to EVERYONE and to act on it as well. There should be certain KPIs be set on the Education Ministry in order to harness and monitor the sort of result and performance we dearly need.

    For instance, after the announcement of Penyata Razak II 2009 [just to be slightly presumptuous here], where steps in making the national schools more attractive and above all, making them the best education system in the country are implemented, a checklist will be issued out to all parents in ensuing whether the Education Ministry are really serious in implementing those set standards and initiatives. And after two or three years (to coincide right before the next general election), the parents can see whether the Prime Minister and the Education Minister have delivered what they had promised; – a better education system vis-a-vis a greater national unity."

    Maybe the KPIs of Pahang Aduns can emulate the same approach (checklist etc) vis-a-vis the upcoming general election in 4 years time.

    Thank you.

    The said article can be read here :

  2. Brother Jebat,
    Thank you so much. Pahang MB initiated the KPI for ADUNs with the 13th GE in mind and had engaged professional help. Hopefully we will succeed InsyaAllah.


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