Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jangan Tukar Nama

What's in a name?

Received this sms from a friend,

"BN cannot win bye election bcos MCA = Make Chinese Angry, MIC = Make Indian Cry, UMNO = U Must Not Oppose"

What can we say? Should they change their names? NO...Don't change names!

A friend of mine was posted as the District Officer for Parit in the 80s. Bila jumpa kawan2 dia malu nak sebut dia DO Parit and he decided to call for a meeting of all the Ketua Kampung and local leaders in Parit to decide on a new name for Parit. After lots of debate and deliberation, finally it was agreed by the all the Ketua Kampung and local leaders, "tak payah lah tukar nama Parit, Tuan je lah tukar!"


  1. Salam Dato',

    hahhaha..maaf saya tergelak besar.

    It is sad that Malaysians are still stuck to the rebranding of old rotten products. Now I am not saying that these parties are rotten or what so ever, but there are many instances when we spend so much of funds to facelift the external aspects of things, but not making any improvements on the services, for example.

    Honestly, Dato'..even though I am counting down my days being in the teaching profession (for I am resigning this coming Tuesday), I feel that the new MOE Minister could do something to improve on the quality of our education system.

    I am optimistic that he would stop introducing expensive rebranding projects, such as the Cluster School Project and stick to improving the system. This is crucial as it will directly help to reduce the teachers' burden on the preparation and implementation of such programs. I wish we could just stick to nurturing the future generations with the right values. In doing so, teachers need more time to be with the students, rather than being called for duties not in our core business.

    My two cents.


  2. Ida,
    I understand why u can laugh at the Parit story. It is best if told in the Perak dialect "idok le teman nak nukor namer parit tuan, bior le tuan je yang tukor"

    Its a pity that u have decided to officially resign the teaching profession as I can see and feel that u are a very good teacher. And if u are an English teacher, u are really great. Ur students will definitely miss u.

    But, take it from me, once a teacher will always be a teacher. Just like the Pahang MB, he was a teacher b4 and he still is. At times we still call him Cikgu. Among the people whom we must kiss their hands are our teachers. MB Phg was my teacher in school way back in 1976 and he taught us The British Constitution as a subject in Form 6. He was so good that I decided to take up law and be a lawyer.
    I guess, your students will remember u for live...
    Good luck in whatever u intend to do next,..good luck..and salam

  3. Ha....baghu padan dengan muke DO tu. Teman daghi Paghit tapi idak le teman peghonah dengo ceghite ni.

    - cik gu juge tapi belum nak pencen.


  5. Tq Dato', you are so kind, just doing my best in whatever duties that I have been entrusted to..

    I will join politics :). But not aiming to be the youngest Minister, rather I want to serve my people..especially those in Sabah (my hubby is a Sabahan). They seriously need help.

  6. Salam DSN,

    Dah bertukar nama pun. Parit name pekan nye. Derah dipanggil PERAK TENGAH. DO nya ialah DO Perak Tengah. Tak nyade dipanggil DO Parit lagi sampai sekareng. Betul kata DSN tu "what's in a name?".

    Baru lepas minum kupi dengan biskut marrie.



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