Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hukuman Mati!!!

Dalam Bahasa Inggeris ialah "SENTENCED TO DEATH BY WAY OF HANGING".
Melayu terjemahkan "HUKUM GANTUNG SAMPAI MATI" ???? Ada pula yang tanya, kalau tak mati gantung lagi sekali ke?
Bila kita kata dia tak cerdik dia marah, bila kata dia cerdik, rupa-rupanya masa sekolah dulu orang belajar English dia pergi panjat pokok jambu!
PPSMI apa sudah jadi?


  1. i thought the reason "sentenced to death by hanging" was because there was once upon a time long long ago a convict was sentenced to hang and the wood he was hang was brake and he fell down and still alive.
    the lawyer who was defending the convict get all the people to agree that his client ald being hang and has been prosecuted. After that, the "sentenced to death by hanging" was introduced... I didn't know if this is true story, i heard it somewhere and never tried to google about it. Was it true? :D even it wasn't true I'm hanging myself to this story since it is more enjoyable if people asked me how a people cannot die after being hanged...

  2. I want to see their faces..anyone can provide their picture???


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