Friday, March 27, 2009

Small Talk back to Legal Practice?

I woke up this morning thinking of going back to legal practice after a lay off of about 9 years. Messrs. Shamsuddin & Co Advocates & Solicitors was formed in 1985 and Hazel Mohamad has taken charged since 2000 when I joined Dato' Sri Adnan Yaakob as a PolSec.
Now that DS Adnan had lost the Supreme Council seat in the UNMO election, his MB seat will also soon go? Ismail Sabri, JJ and Saifuddin are the Pahang candidates who had won handsomely. Ismail is No. 7, JJ No. 14 and Saifuddin No. 15. DS Adnan can't even take No. 25! The irony was, all three especially Ismail & Saifuddin offered to contest the seats after getting MB's blessing. JJ naturally had better networking than MB and had always been DS Najib's right hand man. MB and Siti Zaharah lost. Siti Zaharah is expected though?
But I am proud of the MB! He did not campaign. He did not go round the country asking for votes. He did not print his name cards. No t-shirts printed with his No. 7.
He now joined the other MBs from Johor, NS and Perlis. Seniority wise, Pahang MB is second to the Johor MB. The Perlis MB is the most junior of the three. The NS MB is a close friend of both the MB and I.
All MBs who had delivered during the last general election lost their SC seat. Pahang delivered 12 out of 14 Parliamentary seats to BN and 37 out of 42 State seats to BN. Yet Pahang MB can't even secure No. 25 in the UMNO race.
Soon "they" will get Tajuddin of Paya Besar to start the ball rolling by asking the MB to vacate his seat and there are those who had started counting the eggs.
I have known DS Adnan since I was 13 years old. I am now 51 years 2 days old and had celebrated my birthday at PWTC observing the last minute campaign by other candidates except my MB.
One thing for sure, DS Adnan is a man with Allah in his mind at all times and Allah knows what is good for Pahang.
I am game for anything too! As in golf, they know I will continue playing even if I am down at dormy 3! In bowling I will go for the strike home!


  1. Dear DSN,

    Happy Belated Birthday to you. Personally I feel that DS Najib should remain all 4 MBs that lost in the current UMNO election. But I do hope that DS Najib did not appoint back 2 Ministers and 3 Deputy Minister i.e. Muhammad, Azalina, Noraini, Malek and Johari.

    Cheers and take care of your health.

  2. DSN,

    What a shame yeah...Majority of UMNO delegates appreciate glasses more than diamonds...But this is only a test by the Creator...Pak Long Nan would bounce back...unless his No. 2 (DZ) is looking for blood....*wink*

    Another shame is...There's a G7 from Bentong....doesnt even know what candidate number Long Nan was and keep canvassing for 08....When asked to support 07...Have an audacity to say "Who is 07?"..My "Middle Finger" to that guy....

    who is 08??? Azeez Baling ... So does this mean Azeez Rahim is better than Long Nan....jauh panggang dari api.....but itu juga yang di lah siapa tak nak RM300 yang dibagikan.....bloody traitor..ptuih!

  3. Tut,tut,'s tough to be living in denial, isn't it? DS Adnan's loss is to be expected. The fact that his own Bentong electorate can't seem top recall his number should tell him something, right? But no, this arrogant fool can't seem to accept the fact that he has to go.What the @#^* is Small Talk moaning about? (Oh...wait a minute, silly me, the guy's his lifeline!). DS Adnan is not indispensable, believe me. There are many more young leaders like YB Sharkar and YB Safri waiting to take over the leadership. DS Adnan should withdraw and contemplate his sins and wrongdoings and if he has a big heart, ask forgiveness from his own Pahang people. Or Dato Tajudin will definitely go for his blood.Good riddance to bad rubbish!

  4. Ya Allah, Engkau pelihara lah pemimpin rakyat bernama Adnan Yaakob. Apalah kiranya Engkau berkatilah dan rahmatilah kepimpinan beliau membela agama, bangsa dan negara! Allahu Akhbar

  5. Salam DSN

    semoga DS Adnan MAsih menjadi menteri besar Pahang lg.. terkejut juga tahu beliau kalah MT..


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