Sunday, March 15, 2009

Article bahasa Inggeris dalam UMNO online

Saya terbaca article dalam bahasa Inggeris dibawah dalam laman web UMNO Online. Apa yang dimaksudkan oleh administrator laman itu? Saya tak faham. Tuan-tuan faham? Salah siapa?

UMNO has become less appealing to the younger generation?

Today, March 15, 2009, 36 minutes ago | administrator

I believe that it is not easy days for any of us during our adolescence period of time. With all those hormones raging thing going on, it is cool for us to become an "anti-establishment" especially when we talk about politics. And this scenario is well translated by votes by looking at the result of the 12th General Election, Permatang Pauh by-election and Kuala Terengganu by-election.

The numbers of educated young generation are increasing tremendously by looking at the figures of graduates from our public and private universities. These tertiary education institutions have played a vital role to produce effectively the portion of the professionals we seen in our nation today. And yet majority of them can`t really related to what UMNO is all about.

If in an organization, those who become an employer or management must be well knowledgeable and able to adapt changes in their structures if they ought to keep their competitiveness edge. It is also important to estimate what impact a change will likely have on employee behavior patterns, work processes, technological requirements, and motivation.

UMNO must assess what the new generation reactions will be and craft a change program that will provide support as workers go through the process of accepting change. The program must then be implemented, disseminated throughout the organization, monitored for effectiveness, and adjusted where necessary.

Time has change the society and our people thoughts, where as our new generation are well exposed will the medium that our forefather didn`t faced during their time. Greater types and number of media, regardless they are printed, electronics or even having the latest cutting edge type which is online are easily attainable and they are presumably well digested by the younger generation. All of these exposures indeed initiate their thoughts maturity and encourage openness towards their way of thinking and judgments.

I would say being denial or unwilling to accept these positive changes would only drift apart and widen the distances between the potential crop of the nation and the party itself. Yes, there are still people who will object this notion, but sooner or later these are the fact that they have to embrace. We must lend our eyes and ears to these voices, open ourselves to criticism and turn the positive part of into practical actions.

Last but not least, conservativeness could be the last word for us to apprehend if we tend to adapt. UMNO must be ready to change their approaches in order to win the hearts of our younger generation mainly because these are the foundation for the future of our country.



  1. Dato'

    Mungkin tujuan artikel tersebut adalah untuk lawak dan bukannya pendirian politik? Walau apa-apa pun daripada kita berasa gundah apa kata kita alihkan kegeraman kita kepada satu permainan:-

    Cuba kita pilih mana satu ayat dari artikel tersebut yang TIDAK mempunyai Nahu atau ejaan Bahasa Inggeris yang salah.

    Bayangkan, minda-minda seperti begini menjadi pelapis UMNO, yang akan kita kedepankan untuk menghujjahi dan mempertahankan kedaulatan negara di arena antarabangsa, seperti kes Batu Putih.

    Dah jadi macam niiiiiiiiiiiii pun kita masih tak mahu pertingkatkan BI untuk anak-anak kita?


  2. DSN
    apa benda editors di UMNO online buat? drivel macam ini boleh lepas? kalau majority ahli UMNO macam ni, memang mampus UMNO. pertama sekali kita kena buat, fire editors UMNO on line.


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