Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Writ of Possession

Under the law the remedy for repossession is by way of a Writ.

Way back in 1983 I was the sheriff (chief to the bailiff) of the High Court Kuala Lumpur and I was involved in the enforcement of an order for Possession on the land belonging to a company in Batu Caves which have been occupied by about 300 squatters. The squatters just refused to abide by the Court Order and the assistance of the Police, Ambulance and Bomba had to be used. The squatters came out with parangs, motorcycle chains and cangkul to defend their houses from been demolished. Nevertheless by way of persuasion, we managed to get the squatters to move out peacefully. As a result of which, the place have now become Taman Seri Gombak.

In the same year , I was also involved in the eviction of a "guru silat" house in Kampong Kerinchi. The land belonged to Belia 4B. Upon knowing that the High Court Kuala Lumpur had issue an Order for Possession, the guru silat had gathered all his anak murid at his house. When we arrived to enforce the Court Order, the guru silat was very aggressive and refused to abide by the Court Order. I had no alternative but to ask for assistance from the Police, Bomba and the Ambulance. After a very long 'smalltalk' with the guru silat, he finally agreed to vacate the house and ordered all his anak murid out of the house. 
On the same piece of land we now see the Bangsar Menara Telekom. Dato' Hj Suhaimi Kamaruddin was the Belia 4B chief then.

When Nizar refuse to vacate the Official Residence of MB Perak, I just hope that Nizar will come to his senses and realise that he has to vacate the house ASAP. Nizar is no longer the MB and overstaying can be construed as having the same status of a squatter.
According to the law, you cannot go to Court with dirty hands...
Please lah....get someone to smalltalk with Nizar....

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