Thursday, February 19, 2009

Suspension of Perak MB & EXCO members ILLEGAL

Read here. The position in the British Parliament should be no different from what we practice in Malaysia.

"Committee for Privileges 

The Committee is chaired by the Chairman of Committees  and is made up of fifteen peers, including four Lords of Appeal."

The Committee hears complaints of prima facie breach of privilege, takes evidence, and reports its recommendations to the Lords, where they are debated before the House decides whether or not to accept them."

What Sivakumar did was legally wrong by not referring the Committee's recommendation back to the State Assembly to be debated and thereafter a vote to be taken.

The provisions of the Standing Orders can be read in my earlier posting here


  1. well.. not lots of us know about this and most of the party strong die hard supporter never even bother to read this kind of stuff.. they juz listen to others supposing the other people has more knowledge than them.

  2. Dato'

    1) Thanks for the clarifications

    2) These types of truths were never told to people down there (voters). The opposition legislators / ADUN always telling lie to them, snaking & winding for benefit of their / opposition politics.. And make these voters to believe in what the are saying even it is the wrong thing.

    3) BN legislators need to do the best to clarify these types of truths to these people... Though they are so "maniac" on opposition that it will be very big challenge for BN to correct their "wrong" belief.

    4) But BN should not give-up, please continue to try harder using different approach with - good faith and open heart


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