Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wan Farid sombong?

I am now in KT. The only complaint heard so far - Wan Farid sombong. Salam tak tengok mata. No eye contact.
Pas can't find fault in him save for what Che Det had said about the proxy matter. But that again it's not from Pas! Pas can't use that as their campaign material. I guess why the former PM said that is to pre-empt Pas! When Tun M said that, the voters of KT already knew about his relationship with Pak Lah and I don't think it matters anymore. Pak Lah will retire in March and Tun M is already retired. What's wrong with being a proxy to Pak Lah? In fact all the present BN MPs are Pak Lah's proxies. They became calon during the last GE because Pak Lah chose them! That be the case Wahid Endut can also be said as the proxy to Hadi Awang as Hadi was the one who chose Wahid over all the other Pas aspirants! Thank you Tun M for giving BN the "weapon" against Pas.

Salam tak tengok muka? When you shake hands with hundreds or thousands of people you actually can't afford to see them all eyes to eyes. It's impossible! Can't blame Wan Farid for that. Everybody will have to do the same as Wan Farid. I guess Wahid is more guilty because he salam langsung tak genggam tangan! That's Pas habit actually. Salam hujung jari saja!

Terengganu must in fact think hard. If Wan Farid were to lose this by election, Terengganu will be without any (Deputy) Ministers at the Federal level. They had already lost Dato' Razali and if Wan Farid were to lose too, they will have none at all.

I don't think Wahid can be of any good in Parliament. He is not even a good State Assembly man! His constituency of Wakaf Mempelam is in such a mess! And UMNO Pahang is assigned to clean them up...What a task!


  1. Salam tak tengok muka - sombong !! kenapa remeh sangat isu yang hendak di bawa.

  2. Salam Dato' SN,

    My say on this, Pak Lah and his unreliable advisors purposely fielded Wan Farid to lose the seat, so the blame can be projected on Najib.

    Who's gonna replace Wan Farid as deputy minister? He is no other than Mamak Reezal.


  3. Orang politik Melayu hendaklah berhenti bawa isu-isu yang remeh. Sebaliknya fokus kepada isu2 besar dan bermakna kepada rakyat.

  4. Kluangman dan Nobisha,
    Saya setuju dgn Tuan2. Salam tak tengok muka sahaja yg dapat dibangkitkan terhadap Wan Farid. Isu lain tak ada. Ini maknanya Wan Farid ini tiada isu besar atas dirinya yg biasa dibangkitkan oleh pembangkang. Mungkin Wan Farid ada harapan besar utk menang? InsyaAllah..

    Piggy Singh,
    Reezal as Deputy Minister? I will not recommend that to Najib! I would rather lobby for a Sabahan or a Sarawakian. I think you know where I am thinking!

  5. DSN,

    1) Kalau salam dengan ribu2 orang dan setiap kali nak tengok mata (have eye contact, jadi pinau mata, boleh pening dan pengsan... Ish.. Perkara Remeh-temeh can ni tak perlu diperkatakan.. Banyak lagi isu2 besar yang perlu diperjuangkan..

    2) I harap Wan Farid menang.. In fact I am having some confident in Wan Farid and that BN boleh menang..

    Thanks & Regards & All the Best to BN

  6. Dato, Reezal as depty minister? Lu pk la sendiri....


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