Thursday, January 29, 2009

SPRM pun belasah suspect?

If the police report by Halimi Kamaruzaman can be investigated carefully and fully, the truth will prevail. No one can create the truth!
See the full text of the police report here..


  1. ruginya tak dapat baca kerana terlalu kecil.

  2. Yes, as with "cikgu", would be great if we can read it.
    But anyway, based on the reports in the newspapers, this case has attracted a lot of attention. All of us would like to know "the unvarnished truth" of what really happened.

    1) SPRM had resorted to physical abuse against the division chairman in an attempt to extract a confession.

    2) The division chairman is malicious with his lies - the SPRM had done no such thing, and the accusations are to deflect attention from his wrong-doings.


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