Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Penyokong Pas Cium Tangan MB Pahang

Peristiwa ini berlaku semasa dalam perjalanan ke pusat penamaan calon PRK KT pada 6hb Jan 2009 jam lebih kurang pukul 8.30 pagi. Kami dari Hotel Grand Con Kuala Terengganu menaiki kereta yang dipandu oleh MB Pahang. Saya duduk dibelakang MB dan rakamkan video ini. Yang lain dalam kereta itu adalah Dato' Ishak Mohd, Dato' Wan Rosdy dan Dato' Sharkar.
Semasa melalui jalan yang dipenuhi penyokong Pas, MB buka tingkap dan bermesra dengan penyokong-penyokong Pas dan salah seorang dari mereka bersalam dan cium tangan MB. Saksikanlah rakaman video di bawah. (Saya telah mencuba untuk upload video tetapi tidak berjaya. Mungkin broadband di KT ini slow, mungkin juga file video itu besar sangat 99.1MB. Saya akan cuba lagi sampai berjaya...InsyaAllah)
Siapa kata penyokong Pas tak hormat pemimpin UMNO/BN? Siapa kata MB Pahang tidak disenangi rakyat?

Update at 9.46 am 8th Jan. 2009
I tried uploading the video the whole of last night but without success. The connection is too slow and breaking up. Can't blame the Celcom Broadbrand since it is "wilayah Celcom".

Yes, finally at 11.06 pm I managed to upload the video!


  1. ooooooooo, this would be a good video to counter the video of the PAhang MB in the Dewan making an obscene gesture with his hands.....
    convert the video to mp3 file and reduce the resolution/size of the image....

  2. I believe the grassroots supporters of all the parties are okay - it certainly goes against the Malay culture to be `biadap'. But some are, which is sad. And I'm blaming the lower level leaders for this; for creating a "Us versus Them" situation where "You're either with us or against us".

    It would be disappointing had Dato' Adnan been subjected to abuses instead. The Pas supporters you had encountered should be lauded for knowing "what's right", and I'm pleased with them.

    Whatever one's political inclination is, remember that the guy "is a Menteri Besar"- someone *elected* by others. Plus "a guest" since he came from another state. Anyone who openly insults and abuses someone of this standing just shows his own lack of upbringing and nothing else.

    Regardless of what party one supports, the "bersopan" must always be there. Whatever you choose to give your vote to is your personal choice.

    As to your problem in uploading the file: That size is TERRIFYING!... for people with a slow connection. What format is it in? And might it not be better to split it for easier uploading/downloading?

  3. Dato',
    That shows there is still civility among the grassroots and the adage 'respect others and you will be respected' still holds true.

  4. DSN,
    Woooooiiiii... Good things happening for MB Pahang and BN in general... Very good "People Relations Building" approach by MB - buka/turunkan tingkap dan lambai tangan - small things for us but big thing & impact for makcik & pakcik in Terengganu --- orang BN even MB baik & tak sombong...
    Small action by MB, but InsyaALLAH could bring positive impact to BN in Terengganu voting...

    Orang t'ganu tu sebenornya baik & sopang.. Cuma segelitir leaders wat asutang hok tak molek nak bagi orang benci BN..

  5. Pas Kejam, sila lihat di :

  6. oooooo it looks really jacket all....well done!
    kee kee..

  7. that is berani to melalui jalan PAS...
    but i did that too in ijok, and took the barisan route.....

  8. Kat kuala terengganu boleh lah buat macam tu brother! Haha. Cuba buat kat Pahang tengok. Terutama kat Kuantan. Cuba turun tingkap kat dalam PAHANG la.

    I don't find how is this amusing where someone kisses a MB PAHANG hand in TERENGGANU. How is this something proud? Do you consider it an achievement or accomplishment? Salam cium tangan tu adab tak kira la orang PAS ke orang ni ke orang tu ke.

    Another good humour.


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