Monday, January 19, 2009

It's Najib's Fault!

I am now back in Kuantan after 2 weeks in KT. I was planning to catch up with lost sleep but I just simply can't! I have to take this out of my chest.
Umno/BN lost in KT because of Najib! I will say that to him if I happen to see him the next time.

I don't blame Wan Farid for the defeat. Najib has to take the blame. He knew fully well that Wan Farid is not at all popular in KT. Wan Farid was Pak Lah's choice and not the choice of the people or voters in KT. I had written about Wan Farid being sombong earlier. Yes he is sombong! He does not know how to adapt to the lifestyles of KT. He is not a typical KT boy! He will not eat or have a cup of coffee in the warong. Even if he do, he will not belanja the person on the next table. That is not a politician way. I was surprise to pay just 30 sen for a cup of tea in KT. Any politician should be able to belanja the whole warung for that matter! It's not 3 ringgit, it is just 30 sen!
I had complained and questioned why Wan Farid's house not turned into a bilik gerakan during the by-election. Being the calon, his house should be full of people all the time with running breakfast, lunch, high tea and dinner. But there was none. His house was quiet with no visitors, nothing and not many people know where his house is. In KT if you cannot enter someone's house, that someone is sombong!

Najib knew that. Najib knew all the weaknesses of Wan Farid. YET he was so scared to tell the truth to Pak Lah. He dare not say to Pak Lah that he wants someone else! Najib is weak! Najib is not the person who will go against Pak Lah even when Pak Lah is wrong. Najib wants to maintain the tradition of not going against the President of Umno. Even when Najib is in pain he will not say so, if Pak Lah were to ask him! That's the kind of man he is!

Najib was the Pengarah Jentera Pilihanraya Kecil KT and yet Pak Lah came over to KT to campaign. Najib dare not say to Pak Lah not to come. Najib knew that Pak Lah is no longer influential in KT. Najib dare not say to Pak Lah not to mess up the campaign. Najib dare not say to Pak Lah to let him run the show. Pak Lah is about to retire in March and yet Najib is so scared to tell Pak Lah to lay off.

Najib merely accepted what Pak Lah told him what to do and who should be the calon. Najib is lembik in that sense. He should have been brave enough to say to Pak lah that come March he will lead Malaysia and KT is the beginning of his long journey. Najib don't have the balls to stand up to what he think is the right thing to do.

Forget about the other things. To me, Umno/BN lost because Najib failed to reason out with Pak Lah. Najib should have told Pak Lah that Wan Farid is the wrong choice!

I know, what I say here will not go well with Najib's boys. But I don't care! I stand by what I say and I know the truth hurts and the truth cannot be created!


  1. Agree with you it was Najib's failure. He himself doesn't have the credibilty despite all the power and a big war chest with battalions of workers. An abject failure.

  2. smalltalk,
    i am glad you have realised what leadership means. i share your frustrations here. najib has not been tested yet

  3. Yeah, everybody should take the responsibility and accountability, although its about only a seat, but the impact will definitely greater towards party. Dato Najib kena main lawa walaupun dia masih belum teruji & teruja!

  4. asm dato,
    dpt tahu memang najib yg nak wan farid jd calon, ini semua org tau, tapi bila dah jadi cam ni tak ngaku pulak nak salahkan pm. kita tahu ada byk benda yg tak kena, ada pemimpin dpd phg tak gerak kempen langsung, ada yang dtg lambat sengaja utk biar kalah, supaya senang pusing cite, ini semua kena diambil kira..tq dato...

  5. Sometimes you need to blunt in order to be a real loyalist. Kudos to DSN for telling it like it should. UMNO needs people like you rather than those *pencinta parti (read: perosak). If Najib reads this, I hope he reads it not just on the surface of it.

  6. salam... melihat kepada jumlah undi jelas kelihatan bahawa sebenarnya kekalahan disebabkan perasaan tidak puas hati rakyat pada BN masih tidak berubah...Ini kerana sejak dari selepas pilihanraya sehingga sekarang masih tidak ada sebarang perubahan drastik pada BN/UMNO termasuk dinegeri Pahang dari segi pendekatan kepada rakyat dan juga sikap.. Ini bukan salah Dato seri Najib semata-mata, jangan hanya pandai menuding jari pada seseorang tetapi secara keseluruhannya perlu reformasi menyeluruh untuk memastikan kemenangan BN/UMNO pada pilihanraya akan datang...Kenapa sebelum ini tiada yang berbunyi apabila calon dipilih cuma selepas kalah sahaja calon dan dato' najib dimaki hamun...

  7. DSN,


    1. Long time no see Sir.

    2. So how was Primula Resort?..where you were based.

    3. I must disagree with you on blaming a single person on the adversities that happened in UMNO. It is the party itself that needs to be blamed. UMNO is just down the drain if nothing is to be done. What i mean by this is that from the top to bottom, there needs to be a paradigm shift.

    4. People are fe-up with UMNO. If PRU happens tomorrow. I do not think BN would win even 50% of what it have today. Well maybe we need to be in opposition, then the real UMNO members would stick through while those in it for the money would long gone. (See Kapt Zahar...made millions...and now...comfortably goes with PAS)

    5. I would be aggresive in my thinking of what to do with UMNO, we just have to revamp. From Top to Bottom a complete overhaul but nevertheless, its not practical as some say.

    6. I end by saying would UMNO fare..if in March u have a line up like this...

    Najib-Mat Taib-RTC/Isa Samad/Zahid aka Anwar's backdoor/ and KJ as Ketua Pemuda.

    7. Should we open an Umno Baru Baru......?


  8. For the first time,i agree with what you write on your blog. This is very true. Daring to voice opinions should be a good start in the reform of UMNO. Your your voice of displeasureness came a bit too late isn't it? Kenapa tak cakap macam ni betul betul selepas calon dinamakan? Ni siap berkempen lagi untuk calon yang semua dah tahu lemah. Salah siapa? Cermin diri.

  9. Salam Dato' Sam,

    My hypothesis, Dollah's useless advisors wanted BN to lose, so the blame can be projected on Najib. So fielding Wan Farid was part of the plot. I did say this in your previous posting,

    Plus Khairy did more damage to BN during campaign period, with his kluk klek.

    I guess there's more horror to come from Dollah's camp.


  10. Salam Datuk Sham @ smalltalk @ Satu mata,

    Baru aku tahu begini gayenye dalam kain UMNO ni ye,ada sedikit wangi, lebih hapak dan bau kampit. Ini menunjukan UMNO kearah memasuki usia mas. Banyak lah penyakit nya, macam kena penyakit darah tinggi, kencing manis serta kuat kencing, sakit sendi. Payah nya nak ubat tu Datuk, hanya boleh bertahan aje.

    Komen Datok dan posting SAKMONGKOL AK 47 nampak berterus terang , berani dan pedas seperti lada riow.Heee.....eee.

    Datuk, kalau boleh posting datuk ini juga diterjermah dalam BM. BI- Internasinal, BM- Kebangsaan. GLOKAL lah posting datuk tu. Supaya barisan pimpinan diperingkat Bahagian dan Cawangan UMNO tu terutama Ketua Penerangan Bahagian dapat memahami dan menghazam pandangan datuk tu.



  11. Kuatkan Semangat, Jangan Putus Asa

  12. Salam DSN,

    1) Alhamdulillah Dato' you are now safely back to Kuantan...
    2) Again, I am not a politician but I started to be interested to follow politics - discussions & issues - since about 1 ~ 2 years ago
    3) I agree with you that the BN defeat in KT mainly due to Calon is not popular. No comment on sombong since I was not there, but if your story on him, Kedai Kopi and his house is true, then he is SOMBONG. With 30 sen kopi changes, I would belanja all people in kedai kopi, even I am nobody.. And I had done this many times.. Belanja as ihsan dari diri sendiri untuk penduduk even I do not know them.
    4) On the part of Najib to be blamed, my comment is that - may be Najib should not be 100% blamed. Yes, Najib should have stood up and say no to Pak Lah's choice, but I think there were greater Pak Lah/KJ & Kuncu-kuncu agenda into it to continue to build his strong empire so that, KJ can continue to "powerful" even post-Pak Lah era after March.. That is my 2 cents thought..
    5) I think the whole UMNO should look at internally what should be done next.. To reclaim people's trust in UMNO & BN, soon after March takeover, Najib need to strong and
    dare to do major revamp / surgery to UMNO. Maybe, Najib needs to be brave enough to change Kabinet and choose trustable MP to be Menteri / Timbalan Menteri, then all of them need to go back and meet Rakyat and regain Hati Rakyat. And offcourse all MP and ADUN should look internally what need to be done to regain hati rakyat -- offcourse the most important -- NOT SOMBONG..
    6) Najib needs to be careful of Pak Lah & KJ's kuncu-kuncu, because I think these people had destroyed rakyat's trusts on UMNO & BN during the last GE / PRU
    7) Eventhough Najib himself is losing popularity with few things happening, but if he is brave enough to do major revamp, I think he will be able to rebuild rakyat's trust in him..
    8) These are all my 2 cent thoughts from me as a non-plotician who are new in this.

    Please continue to be outspoken even if it may result tou to become unpopular, but it is self satisfaction that we stand in what we believe.


  13. Dato'

    what about the 30,000 folks who voted or BN i.e UMNO i.e Najib ? Are you saying they are fools for doing so.Pas also lost the state, why hadi also lost but he is still around! Win some loose some! after all both PKR and BN profess to work for the rakyat, so the rakyat has not lost ! No ?

  14. After reading this post, I can't help but feel this: There is hope for Umno yet!

    No, I'm not what you'd call "an Umno supporter" - in fact, some years ago, I was among those who wished "it will be destroyed and wiped off the face of the Earth".

    The fact that I'm no longer this rabid is because of people like Sakmongkol AK47, KijangMas and a very few others. And now YOU too, Dato'.

    Yes, despite never having voted for Umno in the general elections since 1982, I'm with those who want to do "something" about it. And I mean "really something" - not things superficial.

    Okay, what about the other high-ranking and influential Umno leaders?... those who are division heads, elected representatives, political secretaries etc... people who frequently meet with ministers, deputy ministers, menteris besar...

    Want to grow a spine NOW by telling things as they are; OR

    Continue to be meek and quiet in front of them; with your `Everything-is-A-Okay' smile, and with head ever-ready to vigorously nod in agreement of "amat bersetuju!; and mouth's vocabulary limited to "Betul, Bagus" and "Ya"... Only becoming brave at the cafes, coffeeshops and in front of the lower-liners; spewing how great a visionary and pejuang of "Melayu dan Islam" to the likes of the branch chairman of Umno Padang Tok La, Pasir Mas...

    Dato': If it's for the betterment of "Agama, Bangsa dan Negara", count me in, small and insignificant that I am. BUT there are MILLIONS of us; the small and insignificant...

  15. Dear Mat Chendana,
    I had just completed my maghrib solat & I read your comment. I cried...
    Yes Mat.. I did this for "AGAMA, BANGSA AND NEGARA"

    Tell the truth and I am ready to be the fall guy...I just want our Agama, Bangsa and Negara SELAMAT!


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