Friday, January 2, 2009

Inaugural Challenge Trophy

The winners of the inaugural Dato' Shamsuddin Nawawi TenPin Bowling Challenge Trophy are:
  1. Fendi - 2412 {Champion}
  2. Hamzah Amin - 2347
  3. Mohd Nor - 2346
  4. Abd Rasheed - 2307
  5. Hafiz - 2300
  6. Apiss - 2297
  7. Dato' Abu Bakar - 2294
  8. Haji Shahimi - 2269
  9. Salwa Mamat - 2250
  10. Dato' Shamsuddin - 2236
  11. Kamal Ariffin - 2225
  12. Wan Zuhaini - 2224
  13. Abd Wahab - 2216
  14. Azhar Shamsuddin - 2214
  15. Alex Tong - 2210
  16. Lazi Sudin - 2208
  17. Ah Meng - 2205
  18. Shahrom - 2180
  19. Hamzah Mohd - 2170
  20. Rafee - 2168

The tournament was held on the 1st of January 2009 at the Mega Lanes Kuantan Pahang. 31 bowlers invited by me played over 12 games nonstop from 10.45 am till about 3.00 pm. Thereafter we adjourned for lunch of nasi briani at Aliff Restaurant.

I sincerely wish to thank Dennis Chew, Syed Mohsin, Kay, Alice and Sherry for the superb organisation and the scoring. A special thank you to Castello and Hamzah Amin for the splendid arrangement with the Mega Lanes management. To Azza, Shahrom ,Haji Anuar, Ah Meng, Ngau, Azhar, Haji Azmi, Akob, Rafee, Salwa, Apiss and Hafiz, thank you for the support. To Haji Shahimi and Awang, thank you for sharing the lanes where I scored 225. To Alex Tong, I will keep your money till you come back to beat me. To Dato' Burn and Tuan Wahab, both your presence had made the tournament meaningful. And to all the rest who had been a good sport.
To Fendi especially, you can keep the trophy for a week and after you had finished taking pictures with it, please return it to be displayed at my office. The same trophy will be up for grab next year! Hopefully next year, the champion's prize money will be raised!

Happy New Year 2009 and for those who had not won anything, please train hard and who knows you might get invited again next year 2010.

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  1. DSN,
    1) Very good of you, good move and congratulations for organizing such this meaningful sporting event...

    2) Personally I think, sport / sporting event is a maeningful & an excellent people relations building event, and bowling is one of the best since it can easily get many people of different levels, professions, ages, genders, etc to involve. Bowling is a family sport too..

    3) Even, I think you should extend suggestion to our politicians to use bowling (or other suitable sukan rakyat or sukaneka, but still for me bowling is the best since it is playd in the aircond environment) as relations building event with their community and do it periodically.. YB turun padang bersukan dengan rakyat, lepas tu makan2.. Maybe this would help the YB to better win hati rakyat - YB spending time bermain2 dengan orang kampung or its community..

    4) Quick look, you have many good people around you willing to help and supporting you, I think the main reason because you are very good person to them and people.. Keep it up Dato'... Well done...

    5) Alex's money tu.. Boleh frame kot...


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