Tuesday, January 20, 2009

From paper to the septic tanks!

Ti Lian Ker wrote in defence of DS Najib over my earlier posting. Typical of a axed political aspirant wanting and craving for lost political post, the defeated Ti Lian Ker wrote to the extend that if DS Najib were to read his post, DS Najib might be tempted to offer him a post come March 2009.
Surely the Senatorship held by the Pahang MCA will be vacated by the present holder in due course and Ti's saliva is all over waiting to prey on it.

Come March 2009 when DS Najib become the PM, Ti Lian Ker with his posting POOR NAJIB....now he's a whipping boy! printed in gold will be walking the corridors of Putrajaya. He will tell DS Najib to repay what he had done.He will promote himself as the most eligible candidate for Kuantan Parliament seat and it will be his for the taking?. No one else is as good!

Promoting oneself and "bodek" culture is part and parcel of political have been? One might ask what will happen to recycled products? From paper to tissue paper to toilet paper and thereafter to the septic tanks!

Two terms of observing the "bodek" culture and promoting oneself have made me feel like vomiting!

(Told you Ti Lian Ker ... don't step on my tail!)


  1. Salam Dato Sham,

    Per"septic tank" Komen SI PENSIONER Si Tilianker tu. Bila pemimpin politik pensioner seperti si TiLianKer maka ia gunakan strategi dan taktik Kepimpinan UNGKA (family Macaca Fascikularis - ikut ahli zoologi).

    Pagi ,tengah hari dan petang asyik bebunyi @ melolong Uuuuk......uukkk....uukkkkkk, terutama bila cuaca sejuk. Masalah dalam gerombolan sendiri lintang pukang. Pandai pula posting mengenai hal gerombolan aku, melayu lah, hudud le. Berani sipensioner komen. Itu lah ciri kepimpinan ungka ,Law of Attraction konon nye. Bior lah dia uuuuuk.....uuukkkk.....uuukkk. menunggal seomo lah dia taada datang dekat. Diper"septic tank"kan, cukup tapa kena desludging.

    Ooop setakat ni aje Datok, KUPPI SEKULLE kita.


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  3. Salam DSN,

    1) Please... Please... SAY NO TO DOBEK... No bodek kosong or bodek but not doing your job... Cakap2 sahaja tapi tak buat kerja, lepas tu nak bodek.. This is not OK and not acceptable... kalau buat kerja bagus as expected as orang suka, lepas tu nak bodek, ok le jugak.

    2) I still think that if you believe something is right - you should raise it and highlight your dissatisfaction to others and the leader, bring to the table the facts and stand on your feet.

    3) You should not hide the facts and what you believe in... Should keep doing it and hope the leader would think differently , may listen to it and may do something to it...


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  5. Bagus bagus. sungguh bagus. macam ni la baru nampak keretakan dalam BN Pahang. Dua dua bertugas bawah Menteri Besar tapi dua dua tak sehala. How can you help the rakyat when you don't see eye to eye with your colleagues?

    another fine example on what should stay till the 13th General Election. BRAVO!


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