Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"Datuk, before new year, you akan mati"

It was reported in Malaysiakini that the Chairman of Raub MCA has received a death threat. It was reported as 'Datuk, akan mati sebelum 1 Jan'

Oh my God, what is happening? It was reported that the sms threat was from an overseas phone number. I hope nothing untoward will happen to Dato' Sri Lam and the police will do their utmost best to bring the culprit to the arms of the law.

To Dato' Sri Lam and family, on behalf of the Office of the Chief Minister of Pahang and myself and family, we wish you well and may god bless you.

I am also hoping that the matter would not be politicised by any quarters.


  1. This trend is unhealthy in M'sian politics, hopefully its only mere speculation instead of being realistic..anyway special task force should be set up & make investigation.

  2. Salam Dato' SN,

    Once it is published at malaysiakini, inevitably it will be highly politiced. But I wish I would be wrong.


  3. Dato'Sam, All newspapers published that Dato'Sri Lam life is in danger,hope has nothing to do with Malaysian politics,anyway let the Police Authority carry out the investigation.


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