Monday, December 8, 2008

Thank you Nada for your Comment.

In respond to my posting Siapa Ikhlas Siapa Berdolak Dalik?
Nada had come out with a very good point. I reproduce herewith his/her comment and my answer thereof for the benefit of all. I hope Nada and all others who are curious about the same issue may now be in a better position to understand it and will not be easily influenced by the "political side" of the matter. (Note : I have edited a bit of my reply by correcting spelling errors and short forms. Nada's comment is in full and not edited)

Blogger Nada said...

You have your points. You are a good lawyer indeed but i just disagree on one point. I dont really care about your Umno politicking crap but i think the MB Pahang should just obey court orders and pay Seruan Gemilang.

Does anyone even care about reputation anymore?

December 8, 2008 4:40 PM

Blogger DSN said...

Thank you for your comment. You have brought out a good point. I don't indulge in Umno politicking crap here. U may notice that in my postings.

There is NO Court Orders as to payment to Seruan Gemilang YET!
There is a Judgment in favour of Seruan Gemilang in respect of a Court Case which they have sued the Govt of Pahang.
Briefly, upon having the Judgment, SGM must proceed to enforce the Judgment. Enforcement or execution of Judgment against the Govt must follow the Govt Proceeding Act. SGM had tried to do so but had taken the wrong procedure of using MANDAMUS instead of JUDICIAL REVIEW. On the last proceeding before the High Court Judge, SGM was advised to withdraw the mandamus and to file afresh an application for Judicial Review. It is now fixed for the 15th Dec. 2008 for hearing. In the meantime, all other procedures must also be followed esp. the giving of Notice to the Attorney General. In respect of the hearing, the Govt may oppose the application. Nevertheless, like I had said, the Govt may take many other judicial steps. Please wait in a short while for all to see what the steps are!
Similarly in the case of a judgment against an individual, when there is a judgment against you, the next step is to take execution proceeding and the most popular one is the Bankruptcy proceeding. In the case of a company or a firm, it is known as Winding up Proceedings.
I hope you understand the legal avenues stated above and there is no question about caring for reputation here!
salam aidil adha to you Nada...

December 8, 2008 5:40 PM


  1. Okay thanks for the explanation. Selamat hari raya aidil adha indeed but without water supply.
    I wrote a long comment on the current water supply that has been cut throughout Kuantan town. Why do you need to remove it? I don't get the point. A rakyat's complaint to you should just be thrown away and hidden just because it brings negative light to the Pahang state administration? Come on. You can do better than that. At least explain what's going on,we are tired of this rubbish! I wonder whether this is how the state government practices Democracy! Please just explain at least what's going on, i dont mean to insult anyone.

  2. Nada,
    You complained about water supply to me? Where is it? I can't see your comment in my blog and I can't see your profile too?
    Come on Nada... you might be barking at the wrong tree!
    If there is water supply cut in Kuantan, what have that to do with democracy? You mean the water cut is only in areas of the opposition? Is that it? Come on Nada...
    Are you going to blame democracy too if a lorry knock into a lembu in the middle of the road?
    Did you call the JBA Pahang already? Please do if you have not and let go your steam at them. It have nothing to do with democracy or politics in the event of water supply...I might say its the rainy season and few pipes might have burst here and there. Now I am tired of your RUBBISH. Don't joke with me! If you are man enough please come over to my office on Wednesday 10th Dec. 2008 at around 10.30 am to trash this out! I am at the MB's office, Blok B Wisma Sri Pahang Kuantan. May I say "see you wednesday?". I'm in Raub till late Tuesday night.

  3. You obviously did not get my point. For a lawyer,i didnt think your level of understanding could be that low. What i'm saying about democracy is how you just easily erased my comment/complaint about the water supply cut throughout Kuantan since early this morning. What a Eid Adha it has been with these difficulties.

    And i could not believe after you deleting my comment/complaint, you are now saying things like where is your comment, you cant see, yada yada yada. I'm tired arguing.

    It's bloody awesome. I will see you at your office if my work doesn't disturb my schedule. Oh on a higher note,i don't think you need the FRU for this meet up.

  4. Nada,
    Please be careful with words! I can't be deleting any comments at all. I allow all bloggers with google a/c and registered users with open IDs..and comments will appear withOUT moderation.!
    Unless you appear Anonymous then it will not be allowed AUTOMATICALLY. If there is any deletion, ITS NOT BY ME BUT BY't you read what is stated "This blog does not allow anonymous comments." the reason for doing so is "Need to know who is commenting. Please let us know who you are. Keep it as professional as possible. Didn't we agree to disagree? Regards and best wishes. (DSN)"

    You appear to have very bad perception towards saying "Oh on a higher note,i don't think you need the FRU for this meet up."
    Please Nada...

  5. I don't understand why you need to twist and turn your words. Pusing punya pusing punya pusing,apala deyy!

    I have been posting with this username Nada all this while since i first started to comment on your blog.Why do you need to go on and explain about being anonymous and such? Hello brother,i have been familiar with for 2 years. I have been blogging even before you started this blog,you don't need to teach me on how to use it. do not simply delete people's comment. I know due to my experiences. I know it appears right after i comment thats why i said, My comment was there at first! Right after i posted it under the your Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha post! It was there and please doesnt reserve rights to delete comments,only the blog owner does. I dont have a bad perception towards others,i only have bad perception to people who i think deserves bad perception. I'm sorry,it is what is. The world is harsh,so is truth and reality.

    At the meantime,have a good raya haji. My word of advice is don't take everything on the internet so personal because if you do,it will hurt.

  6. So be it Nada and u prefer to "Profile Not Available
    The Blogger Profile you requested cannot be displayed. Many Blogger users have not yet elected to publicly share their Profile."

    Or can I say "hiding behind the wife's skirt?" hahaha and blogging for 2 years.. as if you know I wasn't doing it earlier than that!
    Selamat Hari Raya Haji! See you wednesday! I will serve you Chinese tea from China..the bitter type...its good to remove toxin..

  7. Salam Dato',

    Nada kata dia post komen pasal masalah bekalan air tu, tapi tak disiarkan. Dato' pulak kata komen dia dan semua komen yang masuk melalui dan Open ID tak di'moderate' kan.

    Saya rasa culprit dalam hal ini adalah 'glitches' yang terdapat dalam internet. Mungkin komen tu benar-benar di post tapi tak sampai ke ruang blog Dato'. Pernah juga saya post komen saya dalam laman blog jurublog lain tapi tak disiarkan. Saya tau sangat yang komen saya tu bersih tapi saya tak lah pulak anggap yang jurublog itu telah me'moderate'kan komen saya.

    Selamat Aidil Adha buat Dato' dan keluarga.

    Terima kasih dan wassalam.

  8. Salam,

    1. I just want to put my piece of mind to the 'harsh' words by NADA..

    2. Come on lad/lass??!!! (with a scouser accent), the way you write with your english, you do have a capable brain but then the brain is clouded with emotion and this is where you are thinking with your other 'head'..(if you are a man...or like beyonce who wish she was a boy)....

    3. Fact is DSN put this blog as non-"anonymous"...perharps when you wrote your comments there's a glitch stated by Erotomania (cool nick bro!, frequent red light visitor are you? hehehe jangan mare) do not suddenly feel so emotional with DSN...i know u havent bathe or wash your crap! .... i feel pity and sad for you....celebrating raya without water....mcm mana nak buat sup ekor kan!

    3. Anyway, go see stated...clearly spell out your grouses without any ill intention...I know for a fact that sometimes "people" put this fantasy that they couldn't meet the leaders and tell their grouses because of "barrier of perception" like what POD has.....but some are worst...expecting "instant seconds" result on a if problems solved by "magic" (did anyone see fuyoo magic..i like the trick yg teh tarik and newspaper tu, pretty cool..aint it..)

    Anyway Salam....peace!

  9. Pathethic? Haha. You humour me.I'm not trying to be rude but i got to say that your thinking box is really small. NOW I AM PRETTY SURE YOU ARE FRESH AND AN AMATEUR TO BLOGGING. Have you not heard that an individual can have as many Usernames as they want and have as many blogs as they want? Even i have 2 different blogs. 1 revolves around my personal life,my family,my circle of friends and etc. While the other revolves around music and art. And this username is just another extra username i have. I mean come on,you can't be thinking that if i have this username then i must have been blogging with this username right? Because if you think that way then i cant help but think you're too hilarious.

    And also i dont need to hide behind wife/mom/grandmother's skirt. I am not married. Plus you might have the wrong perception of me. I'm not old or involved in politics as long as you and most middle age politician bloggers are.I'm what they call the "younger generation","future leaders", "generasi pelapis" and many many other name calling. Before i end this,i suggest you do not act all IT-smart with me as you know how we the youth are definately more tech savvy than you all. So please stop embarassing yourself. Btw,i love Chinese Tea too. The ones i usually have are "Pu-Er". I hope the ones you have are on par with that. See you very soon.

  10. Prodigal Maestro, who are you? Like seriously who are you?
    DSN's new blog comments Secretary General?
    Because you're suggesting a lot of things which i think doesn't concern even the dirt in your nails?

  11. I took sometime to read back all of my comments and i agree some words are indeed real harsh. I would like to apologize for this matter as i am the kind who say things straight forward without thinking twice of feelings or whatsoever. I'm sorry if i ruin anyone's mood on this beautiful Eidul Adha. MINTA MAAF.


  12. Sdr Erotomania & Prodigal Maestro

    Terima kasih atas pandangan sdr berdua. Saya amat menghargainya.

    Kepada NADA,
    Permohonan maaf tuan saya terima dengan hati yg ikhlas. Marilah datang jumpa saya. Boleh juga saya belajar lagi tentang Blogging.

  13. Nada,

    1. I speak from my mind as well and i call a 'spade' a 'spade'..

    2. Me and you, we dont have qualms!

    3. You should meet DSN, report your grouses and may at the end all these problems settled..


    1. You are acting very wisely on this which is a suprised to me cos i hear you have a 'fiery temper'..hehehe remember the calling of "El-Haiwaney"..;)

    2. Keep doing what ur doing Sir...and i'll be your formidable Ally....


  14. Salam Prodigal Maestro,

    Tak marahla, bro. Erotomania tu bukannya orang yg kaki red light district. John Hickley Jr. tu dikatakan sebagai Erotomaniac pasal angau yang Jodie Foster syok kat dia. Saya belum lagi sampai tahap tu lagi kot.. Hehe.

    Maaf Dato, saya guna ruang blog Dato untuk sampaikan mesej ni kat Prodigal Maestro.

    Terima kasih dan wassalam.


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