Sunday, December 21, 2008

Political Will - Part 3

Political Will versus Politically Smart.

I was asked why Kuantan is having massive traffic jams come Friday till Sunday. The reverse as compared to KL. In KL, Sunday especially is jam free.

The answer is simple. People from Kemaman and all parts of Terengganu come to Kuantan beginning Thursday afternoon. Their weekends begin on Friday whereas we in Kuantan begin on Saturday.

It's actually good for Kuantan and helps the economic growth. But we have to endure the way people drive in the jam. They will wait till the lights turn amber before they move on and the right side of the lane becomes the "slow lane".

Kuantan needs a better public transportation services. Town service buses have to be provided soon! There must be buses plying Kuantan-Indera Mahkota and Kuantan-Permatang Badak and lots more.

There must be a political will to do it fast! And the buses must have cheap fares! Not like the LRT in KL where the fare is as expensive as the taxi fare! Bus fares must be cheap and must be the main transportation and the preferred one. Just like in London where taking the bus to point A from point B is as easy as ABC! And above all you don't feel "malu' to take the bus!

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