Friday, December 19, 2008

Political Will - Part 2

Why is the decrease in the price of petrol NOT followed by the "harga barang keperluan lain turun?" Why is the price of essential goods still at the same high level as when the increase in the price of petrol was made? Why is it that harga barang cepat naik tapi lambat turun?

I can understand the situation if an economic experts were to tell me. But that is not the issue or the problem. The problem is to explain to the common people! The man who come to ask for aids at the MB's office or to those knocking my door early in the morning asking for some help to buy rice for the family.

No matter what others may say, I would say it loud and clear here. The Federal Govt was STUPID the raise the price of petrol in the 1st place! Who ever is the economic adviser or advisers to the Federal Govt. he or she must be a FOOL!

Did we see any price reduction of essential goods everytime the Federal Govt announce the "harga minyak petrol turun 10 sen lagi'? I have not seen or hear "harga beras turun 10 sen sempena penurunan harga petrol dan disel".
Some one told me, even if the govt were to announce that petrol is zero sen per litre, the price of essential goods might still remain the same!

To the kampongfolk, petrol means something which they need to fill up the tank of their Kanchil or Honda Cup, whenever they need to go from point A to point B. Other than that they have no use for petrol. What they eat is not petrol or diesel! What they eat is rice, floor, sugar, salt, fish, meat, cooking oils (not petrol or diesel) and vegetables. If all these essential things are so expensive, they will forget what the other good things the Govt had done to them. They are actually angry with the acts of the Federal Govt as all those mentioned above are not the doing of the State Govt. But the good things done by the State Govt will be forgotten in the process too.

Pahang State Govt tried in so many ways to ease the people's burden. Maybe the people might not have realised it. The one thing that you have done wrong will always be remembered. All the other hundreds of good things you have done can easily be erased with the one bad thing!

Pahang gave us :-
  • Biasiswa sekolah rendah (yes, primary schools) and sekolah menengah
  • Dermasiswa IPTA/IPTA
  • One-off grant of RM500.00 for IPTA/IPTS new intakes
  • Ladang Rakyat to start soon, the harvest of which will be given to the hardcore poor by way of cash on monthly basis. The income-profile of the people of Pahang is in the final stages of preparation and the hardcore will be identified.
  • All sorts or grants and aids during catastrophic situation like floors or fire etc.
Why can't there be strong political will on the part of the Federal Govt to give more to the poor and the disabled? The Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat allocation of RM50 per month to the poor is ridiculous and utter idiotic nuts!

If the poor or the disabled really qualify for the Kebajikan Masyarakat, please give them more! Some are here in Pahang and asking "our" own money (applying the argument of my 1st post) from the Federal Govt, to give them a little more should not be a problem. The problem is just the political will!

Please remember that they are voters too. They have 2 votes each. One for State seat and the other for Federal Parliament Seat.


  1. DSN,


    1. Interesting piece of writing ..even though the piece shud have been written when the ‘advisors’ decided to take the political gamble to upped oil price by more than 70 sens at one go.....

    2. Well as the subject of law is ur niche of expertise, then economics and finance are my cuppa tea.

    3. Before we go to the fundamentals of economics 101, we shud thoroughly define and identify the economic policy preference of Malaysia. The answer is simple...”Free market” or in the terms of Adam Smith, “Laissez faire” where by definition Laissez-faire activists support little or no state intervention on economic issues, which implies free markets, minimal taxes, minimal regulations and private ownership of property. They support certain kinds of negative liberty as opposed to positive liberties, such as wealth redistribution, given by the state. Well we chose this, I mean majority chose this as opposed to other ideoligies.

    4. So back to the question of fundamentals of it....On one side, the government wants to be regarded ‘socialist’ (helping the people) or state support but then on the flip side they approved ‘greedy’ businessman to trade their ply in Malaysia with support of loans, grants, resources (land, money and labor). The collision of these 2 ideologies then created where it is in Malaysia i.e. Social Deficiency Fundamental wise!

    5. So how do we solve it? Technical flaws can be solve but fundamental flaws????....nauzubillah....I don’t know who can solve it and there’s NO ONE...YES no one can solve fundamental flaws of it Najib, “Mighty” KJ, Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, Lim Guan Eng, Ustaz Hadi, Adnan Yaakob, Shamsuddin Nawawi or even Prodigal Maestro himself.....or if u invite those greedy lots such as Francis Yeoh, Mustafa Kamal, Genting group, IOI Group, list go on and on.....

    6. The rich would be bloody richer and the poor would be bloody poorer.....Life aint fair but that’s reality.....We moan , we groan, we critic, we swore of injustice and inequality.....but at the end of the day...its back to the thought of “ whats there for me and my family......and my circles”....dont tell me if you change ur life with Tan Stri Francis Yeoh, you would gladfully ‘donate’ or ‘zakat’ your harta to the poor.....hypothetically, people would say yeah I don’t mind giving reality.....even philanthropist give 10-20% of their wealth back....:)

    7. So that’s why comes to my favourite question for friends and foes.....Whats Enough for you, BRUDDER?


  2. DSN,


    1. Well I am a person who would get ‘ideas’ after ‘ideas’ and this would make me flocked your comments thingy. Like I said before this, blogspot should have an edit function to the comments so that we could edit it or add new contents rather than new comments.

    2. I would like to up the ante to you sir, as the SETPOL of DS AY, who is the Pengerusi Perhubungan UMNO Negeri Pahang or in politic terms numero uno in Pahang

    3. You did tell me to give it to your face....and with izin (kita melayu ada sopan santunnya) ....i’m pushing dengan lemah gemalai in your face this question.....

    4. If you could ask DS AY to show his political will in.....desposing all the “vultures” ADUNS or UMNO Politicians that he knows of corruption....or graft...from their post.....BUT....Can he? Lets start simple.....kick his deputy umno bahagian bentong, zaini salleh........Can DS AY do that? Doesn’t he have the WILL? Personally I do think he has....but can he? Adnan Yaakob the person would do it but DS AY the MB is strictly stuck in his capacity as numero uno to save his power base....

    5. So how do u define his action then....? Tak bertanggung jawab or Terpaksa demi menjaga power base UMNO ....? Sayangnya, no matter how much we look at it white, grey or black....personally he gains from it (big salary, chauffered car etc)

    6. When there’s a will there’s a way.......What would be your way? Back to KL to practice your Law ??


  3. DSN,


    1. I hope you are in good health physically and mentally.

    2. I just came back with my family for several days spending our time in "Kota Keriangan" to recharge and spending our quality time as a family together. The place which pays one of the biggest corporate tax to the Govt of Malaysia and pay 'homage' in terms of Cukai Pintu to Govt of Pahang thru Majlis Perbandaran Bentong (which i guess would be substantial as well). It happens that the company could nominate a person to sit as Ahli Majlis Perbandaran Bentong.

    3. Actually, after coming back, i was shocked and suprised to see that you did not respond to my comments on this topic. I give you the benefit of doubt that you're busy in your professional undertakings as SETPOL of DS AY. Nevertheless, you had time writing 2 more postings after that.

    4. Are you?, to be fair, using, the 1st art of "SPINNING" which is when it hits u RIGHT at your "nuts" the best respond is NO respond!

    5. DSN, i would like to see what u have got to say from my comments. Sir, currently i hold you in high regard. Pls do not make me think of you like i used to and this time, i hope we wont be 'foes' cos if we are allies we shud be a formidable one at that. I hope you do walk the talk sir.

    6. I await your respond.


  4. My dear PM,
    Being young I can see the "tak sabar" ness in U. I was like u too b4.

    My answer is simple. We need to balance between political will vis-a-vis POLITICALLY SMART. Will I be politically smart to answer u about sacking others in this blog? Do we just kick someone out bec. prodigal meastro say so? Running a govt is not merely abt kicking someone out esp. on instigation by someone we don't even know, like u! Someone who don't even want to identify himself?
    Think what u may abt doesn't change me a bit
    Tq prodigal maestro.

  5. DSN

    1. Apologise for being "tak sabar"...Yes i still have that in me but is my "tak sabar" in this manner justified? subjective....

    2. Sir, i dont want to accuse you of twisitng you own word bout political will (cause that is the topic you wrote) and now you are delivering one new word, which is POLITICALLY SMART.....

    3. It wasn't me but you who called The Government of Malaysia STUPID...and the Advisors FOOL.....maybe to you they're that (which i agree) but on the flip side, to give them the benefit of the doubt maybe they are POLITICALLY SMART. They are smart enough to be where they are now compared to you and me....correct?

    4. I know by going on a debate with a well-reknowned lawyer while im just mere mortal would be a challenge to both of us....

    5. I quote a phrase from a person i admire(d?) "Brave enough to say NO when appropriate. Will walk the extra mile if need be." I AM WALKING MY EXTRA MILE.....

    6. You dont need my identity to 'kick' that someone...You have all the facts with you right now (if you don't i'll be suprised...) and this is not instigation....come on...truth to i instigating?? Sir, know and i so called "instigation" is all FACTS....Seruan Gemilang fiasco was done by the name mentioned together with 2-3 of his commadrie.(one has gone to see ALAH..may allah gives him justice and ampunkan dosa2nya)....Sir, i think u are the one 'instigating' me if saying i'm a person who does 'instigation"

    7. Sir, being anonymous doesnt make a coward. I remember one Benjamin Franklin who wrote under a pseudonym of a widowed woman "Mrs. Silence Dogood" as well as the person who brought down Nixon..."Deepthroat"....

    8. Sir, if you insist to know who i am..i would reveal to you soon enough...I have given you clues after clues of who i am?..

    9. I am nobody are are in the circle of power albeit in Pahang....your role and responsibility are to advise the numero uno guy in Pahang, DS AY. You said you would walk the extra mile...that's why i want you to walk the talk sir....your mile is different from my your position could buat a REAL perubahan....Sir, Berani BERUBAH?

    10. Sir, i know my thinking of you doesnt change u a bit..Who am i? am just mere mortal..only Allah has the right to judge you....but would Shamsuddin Norwawi personally look into him and say...Have i done what i can to what i preach....if you yourself think u've done more than enough sir currently with the power you have...then i would stop commenting on your blog...for I would say you're writing exactly differentiating of what u really are....and may allah save us from people who says something else and do something else (politically smart people)..and if by that....i wish you peace dulu kini dan selamanya....


  6. DSN & Dear PM,

    1) DSN.. Well and thoughtful post..

    2) PM, in Politics, and the same in all corporations & organization.. There is (are) Top Leader(s), depending on organizational structure.. Our political parties are also the same.. We have top leaders... Even though I am not a politician, I think they are all the same.

    3) There always are different comments / thoughts, different views, different agenda, different sayings, different arguments, and many differences within the organization and parties..

    4) DSN has expressed his comments / views / sayings / arguments which I think well thought.. I salute you DSN for your braveness in this -- putting your views and arguments even though may be looked at as not favouring somebody or could make someone angry... But that is his views on the flaws & inefficiencies by our government

    5) But PM, you need to understand, you will push hard to get your thoughts / views / arguments on the table and convince hard whoever the final decision maker to accept it, but at the end, the decision would fall under the decision maker and you have to accept it -- same when you were kid, no matter what you say and how hard you try -- at the end your father made decision for you -- you have to accept it whether you like it or not..

    6) Good things -- we keep pushing what we think right hopefully later your leader / the decision maker would realize and accept... And I think, that is what DSN doing...

    7) Continue to Get Going DSN...

  7. Dear Kay Pahang (KP),

    1. Thank you for your comments brother..

    2. Amin (Kehendakanlah)...

    3. At first without seeing your profile...i thought you were KP (Ketua Pemuda) i.e. DKY but when i saw ur profile, well you are more educated than DKY, with just a diploma (some "instigate" itu pun beli), me i dont know, i dont want to be call an 'instigator'......DKY must have been well 'educated' with smart politics (politically smart) for the numero uno to put him as no. 1 to take care of young gentleman in Pahang....oh yeah, if this is an example of smart politics...i would return my Masters from one of the top british university cos i'm NOT that smart!!! maybe not in Pahang though....where politics are very smart..!!

    4. No "punt" intended to the blog owner, i'm just being a STUPID and FOOL in my comments.I apologise DSN...

    5. Well i'm like what Cobain and Nirvana sang in one their song entitled DUMB...

    "I'm not like them
    but I can pretend
    The sun is gone
    but I have a light
    The day is done
    but I'm havin' fun
    I think I'm dumb
    or maybe just happy
    Think I'm just happy
    Think I'm just happy
    Think I'm just happy"


  8. Dear PM,
    Tun M once told me..there are many ways to skin a cat!
    U wanted us to skin a certain per the deputy fella...not the worry. If he did wrong he will be skinned!
    But in the SGM matter...he is not the cat! Sabar...things will come to light soon..ver soon!
    I want to repeat here and I hope U read it carefully... I cannot reveal many things in this blog!
    I hope U understand what I mean! Walking the extra mile is not having say what u want to do...just help someone in need is what I mean there my dear PM.

    PM, U write well, why don't update your blog?
    How about telling me who are via my email

  9. DSN,


    1. As i admire Tun (he is my so called 'hero') I even dedicate him in my pseudonym, Maestro is him...Prodigal means i'm learning from him....(be it indirectly as his Prodigy) mistake that i think he did was to 'accept' leader's mistake i.e. Rafidah, Nazri Aziz etc.

    2. He uses these proofs of 'mistake' to milk the 150% effort of this people to work in the name of people. It's only Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) who defied this and tried to fight the Maestro knowing the Maestro had everything and evidence against BABI. The others just roll up their sleeves and work 'hard' or did they?

    3. Anyway what i wanted to say is, i dissaprove this. What Maestro shud have done is to just cut the 'cancer cell'...i think he knew being a medical man...he did a mistake by containing this 'cancer'...thats' why after 22 years enough is enough...he fights currently from outside but he knows voices outside is way way far a mile than voices inside (circle of power)...

    4. Sir, i will be at the higher echelon of Menara Dato' Onn tonight if you're around the area, maybe a teh tarik at riverside?...if not i will write u an email or even sms you ( i have your phone number)....

    5. Thank you for being a very sensible guy a young malay guy i didnt mean to 'kurang ajar' but...we need a Jebat in this circumstances..the scenario and the time calls for a Jebat like behaviour....if not...i go back to the past...when...the Portugese (BABI and his clan) will once again invade Melaka (Malaysia) ..and for 446 years of invasion...nauzubillah!!!.....;)


  10. DSN,

    1. Oh yeah sir, Tun M said "Melayu Mudah Lupa" i said i'm not one of them now...

    2. I bring you an article in 2003...Thats good about google a person...and WA LA!!! u got something on them....

    3. "Syarikat pembalakan, Seruan Gemilang Makmur (SGM) Sdn Bhd, telah membuat laporan polis kedua terhadap Menteri Besar Pahang, yang juga pengerusi Umno negeri itu, Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob, yang didakwanya telah "melanggar undang-undang dan menipu" syarikat berkenaan.

    SGM turut melampirkan beberapa resit pembayaran berjumlah RM320,000, yang didakwanya telah dibayar kepada dua orang kanan Adnan.

    Laporan kedua itu dibuat oleh pengarah SGM, Lee Sin di ibu pejabat polis Kuala Lumpur baru-baru ini, serta melampirkan dokumen-dokumen berkaitan untuk siasatan.

    Salinan laporan polis telah diedarkan sewaktu sidang akhbar oleh Ahli Parlimen PAS dari Kubang Krian, Husam Musa di lobi parlimen.

    Dalam laporannya, Lee mendakwa yang beliau telah diminta membuat beberapa bayaran "tidak rasmi", semuanya berjumlah RM173,000 kepada setiausaha Umno Bentong, Shamsudin Ibrahim dan seorang lagi ahli Umno, Mohd Ros Chik, bagi mendapatkan konsesi balak.

    Adnan adalah ketua Umno bahagian Bentong.

    Lee juga mendakwa bahawa dia membuat satu lagi bayaran "tidak rasmi" sebanyak RM150,000 kepada pemimpin-pemimpin Umno berkenaan, selain daripada bayaran RM50,000 yang disetujui mengikut dokumen rasmi yang menurutnya, telah ditandatangani dengan Umno Pahang pada tahun 2000.

    "(Bagaimanapun), ketika kami hendak bermula pembalakan, Pejabat Tanah daerah Pekan memaklumkan kepada kami bahawa kawasan tersebut bukan milik Umno. Katanya, kawasan tersebut adalah milik kerajaan negeri, walaupun kelulusan telah diberikan untuk menganugerahkannya kepada Umno.

    "(Oleh itu), saya mempunyai sebab untuk mempercayai bahawa kelulusan oleh Menteri Besar Pahang itu tidak mematuhi undang-undang, dan terdapat niat untuk menipu kami (dengan meminta) bayaran tersebut," tambah laporan itu.

    Sementara itu, Husam berkata,tindakan harus diambil terhadap mereka terbabit secepat mungkin kerana ini merupakan laporan susulan terhadap laporan polis sebelum ini, serta dua laporan kepada Badan Pencegah Rasuah (BPR).

    Beliau juga menggesa supaya pihak polis memberitahu hasil siasatannya terhadap kes berkenaan.

    Beliau juga mempersoalkan mengapa kawasan seluas itu diberikan kepada Umno, sedangkan Perdana Menteri, yang juga presiden Umno sebelum ini menyatakan parti politik tidak dibenarkan memilik tanah negeri.

    Turut hadir di sidang akhbar tersebut ialah dua lagi pengarah SGM, Syed Ali Badarudin dan Sheik Mohd Zurid Tok Muda Syeikh Hassan.

    Malaysiakini telah melaporkan mengenai skandal pembalakan tersebut pada bulan Julai dan Ogos lalu yang membabitkan kawasan seluas 10,000 ekar atau kira-kira 40 km persegi,dekat Pekan.

    Ia dianugerahkan oleh kerajaan negeri kepada Umno Pahang pada tahun 1998 sewaktu setiausaha agung Umno, Tan Sri Khalil Yaacob menjadi menteri besar, kononnya untuk diusahakan sebagai ladang kelapa sawit.

    Berikutan itu, parti berkenaan telah diminta membayar premium berjumlah RM4.8 juta bagi kawasan berkenaan, sebelum aktiviti pembalakan boleh dimulakan. Walaupun hampir semua kawasan tersebut telah hampir habis dibalak, Umno berulangkali gagal membuat bayaran berkenaan.

    Pada tahun 2000, Umno Pahang memberi hak eksklusif kepada SGM untuk membalak di kawasan tersebut. Sebagai balasannya, syarikat berkenaan telah membayar RM50,000 kepada parti itu, walaupun nilai sebenarnya dipercayai berjuta-juta ringgit.

    Pakar industri juga bingung mengenai kadar bayaran yang begitu rendah dan mempersoalkan sama ada wujud "agenda tersembunyi" antara kedua-dua pihak terbabit.

    Dokumen-dokumen yang ada pada malaysiakini mendedahkan perjanjian itu turut disokong oleh beberapa pegawai tinggi Umno Pahang.

    Adnan sebelum ini pernah berkata beliau tidak tahu menahu mengenai kelulusan yang diberikan oleh menteri besar sebelumnya pada 1998, tetapi menegaskanh SGM telah berurusan dengan 'satu dua individu" yang didakwa telah menipu syarikat berkenaan dengan memberikan maklumat salah dan pemalsuan.

    Umno Pahang dan SGM telah terbabit dalam pertikaian undang-undang sejak tahun lalu selepas syarikat berkenaan gagal mendapat lesen membalak daripada pejabat perhutanan negeri untuk membalak di kawasan seluas 3,000 ekar. SGM menuntut pampasan berjumlah RM31 juta daripada Umno Pahang.

    Bagaimanapun, Mahkamah Tinggi Kuantan, dalam keputusannya pada 15 Ogos lalu, telah membenarkan permohonan Umno Pahang untuk mengetepikan perintah awal yang mengarahkan parti itu membayar pampasan RM70,000 kepada SGM.

    Sehingga ini, tarikh untuk mendengar kes itu belum ditetapkan lagi."

    4. Oh yeah, the 2 names is an arwah..let hi9m rest in peace....and who does the other person proxies to...:) The above named guy just moved to a fancied neighbourhood in Bentong, dont you know....exclusively posh for a retired teacher, dont you think?? :) How much do they give pension to teachers nowadays....more than an MB....hahahaha


  11. PM,
    Oh my God....don't take that as the truth. The truth was what transpired in the Court hearings my friend!
    Just to remind you again... the Court hearings have not ended! Like I said earlier...sat ba ro... Sabar!
    Yang PM baca tu dari pembangkang..twisted story my friend...Sabar..the truth will prevail..dont u worry so much!
    Harap boleh sabar ye...jgn gopoh2


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