Sunday, December 14, 2008

Not Awaiting Any Further Instructions

A lot, really a lot, have been written about PDO's apologies
I guess those in PDO can't see the real issue. When I read the posting by (which can be read here),I responded by writing this posting

In that posting, I wrote that I was also ready to sue PDO (meaning to sue and I act on behalf) and have taken steps to get my legal firm in KL to initiate a meeting with my lawyer friends i.e to discuss the cause of action. But before such meeting could be convened, PDO had apologised. Nevertheless, in law, an apology is just a mitigating factor in determining the damages. The fact that an apology is made, the act of defamation is thus admitted by PDO. In view of that development i.e the apology, it is prudent of me to seek further instructions from the family of Allahyarham Dato' Hj Abdullah.

Seeking further instruction from the family is not an easy matter. Tahlil prayers for Allahyarham is still ongoing and tonight (the 13th of December 2008) is just the third night. I just can't utter any thing to any member of the family about what have been written in the blogs. When I say family, it means the 7 young children of Allahyarham. The eldest is still in the university and the youngest going to Standard 2 in January. They had also lost their mother a year ago due to illness. They are "anak yatim piatu"

I wish to hereby declare that I just can't do it! I might be able to do it if it is someone else! Not to the children of Allahyarham. I just can't see their faces. They are too young to understand all these!

I only wish that whosoever may come across and read this blog, I humbly request and say, please do recite Al Fatihah, Yassin and tahlil, and let us sedekah the pahala to the souls of Allahyarham Haji Abdullah Rahmat and Mohd Kamil Abdul Malik, the other passenger in the ill fated accident.
Al Fatihah...


  1. That's a real "leceh" situation you're in, Dato'. I didn't know the children were that young. Anyway, with PDO, I don't understand what they're after. Consider this about the "apology":

    Permohonan maaf, tidak bermakna apa yang kami siarkan sebelum ini "tidak benar". Kami memohon maaf atas dasar untuk menarik balik artikel tersebut.

    Following that is an arrogant "Bring it on!" ala George Bush & Iraq circa 2003, with declaring C4 and all. There goes the claim about being "ikhlas" with the apology. This is "double speak" in its classic form: So, which is which then?

  2. PDO..hmmmm...better sue, if they write rubbish.

  3. Sorry is not an excuse and escape for big / serious wrongdoings. Sometimes a legal action needed to teach people to take all things seriously and not making fun of others. Agree that if they were writing rubbish, proceed to take legal.

  4. Salam Dato',

    "Permohonan maaf, tidak bermakna apa yang kami siarkan sebelum ini "tidak benar". Kami memohon maaf atas dasar untuk menarik balik artikel tersebut."

    What does it mean? Memohon maaf atas dasar menarik artikel? In other words, there's actually NO apology given to the family of Allahyarham Dato' Hj Abdullah.

    Agree with Mat. Proceed to take legal action.


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