Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lembu Punya Susu, Sapi Punya Nama

I have to put the record straight. On Wednesday, December 3, 2008 it was posted by under title "Edisi Pahang: Rakyat Terbela Selepas 48 Jam Isu Didedah, MCA Bantu Ke Mana Pergi Puak UMNO !"They alleged that the "Suara Rakyat, Peniaga Gerai Niaga Aidil Adha Kecewa Dengan Sikap Pegawai MPK !!" problem was solved without the help of UMNO and making all sorts of unnecessary stupid allegations.

I have to produce herewith the letter written by YB Chang Hong Seong, State Assemblyman for Teruntum dated 2nd December 2008 appealing on behalf of the penjaja. The letter was addressed to the Chief Minister of Pahang who was in Terengganu attending an ECER programme on the same date. I attended to YB Chang and wrote a memo to the YDP Majlis Perbandaran Kuantan (MPK) which is also produced herewith. All the documents are self-explanatory.(Please click on it to enlarge the documents)

Immediately after I had written the memo, YB Chang went to MPK to produce my memo to the relevant officer and the matter was solved.

Do I need any publicity about helping the penjaja? No, I don't!. As a Political Secretary to the MB, such matter come naturally and it needs no publicity or advertisement. Similarly I believe YB Chang was doing it as part of his duty to his constituency and not for the publicity. Whether it is by UMNO or MCA is totally irrelevant. Both are in Barisan Nasional and in this case, YB Chang is from MCA and I am from UMNO!

Clearly, pahangdaily online is all for spreading lies, concocted stories and is an idiotic posting of event. My advise to pahangdaily online. Please don't claim credit to something done by someone else. The penjaja chose the MB's Office for assistance knowing fully well PKR' s Kuantan MP is incapable of doing anything! Like the Malay saying, "Lembu punya susu, sapi punya nama".


  1. dear DSN,
    glad you posted something to clear things up. these phg daily people want to claim credit.
    on 2nd december, i texted Dato Azizan of MPK alerting him that Phg Daily people have posted a critical article about MPK and asked his people to respond quickly.
    yesterday- 3rd December, i alreted Dato Azizan that these jokers are taking credit for something they did not do.
    fair minded people, will not want to claim credit for something they did not do. it is clear, to Phg Daily people, this is just a game to massage their egos- while BN people whether MCA or UMNO do it, because it their duty to do so.
    i had intended to do a post to answer phg Daily, but since you have done it, that is sufficient already.

  2. Well said Dato'! The Kuantan PKR MP (Fuziah) is not capable to do any single thing. I believed that she can't even solve any single problem raised by Kuantan's people. What a poor MP we have in Pahang!

  3. Bro Sam,

    As a permanent resident of Kuantan I am not that surprised with the incapability of the MP, let alone asking her to prepare any letter which will definitely be to no avail.

    Let this be a lesson to all and sundry. Let this be a reason for all and sundry to return Umno (not MCA la, because Kuantan has been Umno's seat all this while) to Kuantan Parliament in the next general election or by-election should some unavoidable fate befell the present MP.

    The voters want a change and they just got what they wanted all this while and now please be contented with the choice voters have made.

    There is only one way to know whether anybody else could do anything besides Umno and they, i mean the voters have found out the hard way. My sympathy.

    My compliments to U Bro Sam for doing what is just and fair to the penjaja in as far as the letter is concerned.

    Keep on doing the good job and keep on lying low with the results, however sometimes they needed to be flaunted like this.

    Let our good deeds do the talking and come the next general election, we shall be returned to the rightful place.


  4. asm dsn,
    tahniah atas tindakan. inilah murninya jiwa orang melayu, sama-sama membantu.pembangkang memang suka duduk terkangkang buat cite main belakang. apa pun kita kena serang , biar rakyat tahu cite sebenar...
    syabas orang dong weh...

  5. ZV....
    U are permanent resident of Kuantan? Really?
    On your suggestion that UMNO be given back the Kuantan Parliamentary seat, I have my reservations. What have Kuantan UMNO done towards realising that? Please tell me.


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