Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Four Pahang Horsemen of Cyber Apocalypse

N. J. Ahmad of The Malay Mail wrote about Pahang Bloggers by the name of YB Dato' Pang Tsu Ming, Dato' Ti Lian Ker, Dato' Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz and Dato' Shamsuddin Nawawi and called them as "The Four Pahang Horsemen of Cyber Apocalypse" which can be visited at Four Pahang Horsemen of cyber apocalypse

Being one of the four mentioned, I must say I am very honoured. I am sure the other three must be equally honoured too. Nevertheless this posting must not be construed as writing on behalf of the other three. May I add that Dato' Ti Lian Ker and I are lawyers by training and we take full responsibility for whatever we write in our blogs. My posting especially, shall not be construed as representing the organizations that I am a member thereof. My designation as the Political Secretary to the Chief Minister of Pahang must not in any way, whatsoever, be construed as representing the Chief Minister himself. Nevertheless, both of us share the same ideology that lies and "fitnah" by the Opposition must stop. I am using this blog to put forth my hatred for lies and fitnah and the Chief Minister had his own way of doing the same. The rakyat of Pahang must be given the true and correct picture of the political scenario in the State and the Nation. What the Barisan Nasional Government of Pahang had done and is continuously doing for the benefit of the rakyat must not be manipulated. The Barisan Nasional Government of Pahang is a responsible government. We are doing our best for the betterment of the State. We can accept constructive criticism and definitely not anything that can create uneasiness among the rakyat. We hold our peace and tranquility dearly. We strive for harmony among the various races and the security surrounding us. Our positions, designations and offices can go at anytime and are not important. Pahang should remain prosperous, peaceful and harmonious!

I remain your obedient servant, Sir

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