Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cyber war in Pahang begins!

Prior to March 2008 GE, Pahang was without much infrastructure insofar as ICT is concern. What was written in the blogs did not actually reach the masses. The internet connections was slow, very slow indeed. But not now. In Kuantan and in almost all of Pahang, wi fi and all the other form of connection to the internet have been improved. Thanks to all the sevice providers!

Like education, the internet media can be good and can be bad as well. Give them education, they will change the status quo. Give them internet, they will change the whole political scenario!

Transmission of information no longer via Jabatan Penerangan of yesteryears. Remember the "wayang penerangan"? Remember the Penerangan Land Rover with loudspeakers circling the kampong informing the kampong folks that there will be a film show? Remember the cowboy films shown on big screen in the kampong? Remember when we argued whether John Wayne was lefthanded or righthanded, depending on which side of the screen you watch the film?

It was during the short break that an officer from Penerangan took the microphone to say a few words on recent development in the country and the date and day when the kampong folks should begin their padi planting!

Those were the days!
There were just UMNO/Perikatan and a bit of Pas and the "tanduk lembu" party - the Sosialis Party.
It was the time when $10 means a lot and the best mode of transportation in the kampong was a Releigh bicycle. Radios are more common than black & white TV. Cathay, Odeon, Lido were the names of cinemas and where boys and girls met and finally got married. If you wear Levi's, Lee, Wrangler, Texwood or Hara, you are great! Remember Craven A, 555 and Rough Riders? Triumph, Norton and a bit of Honda and Yamaha. Mini Coopers, Austin Cambridge, Ford Anglia and Holden. Remember?

Then came the surat layang. Handwritten but later type written. Now we have blogs. We sent our boys and girls to universities and colleges, local and abroad. They no longer read the newspapers but they wake up with blogs and smses.

Let the cyber war begins!


  1. Dato, Pahangdaily makin berani...kena kasi acah skit baru gegar!

  2. Suara Adiwangsa,
    Pahangdaily ada 2. Yg mana satu? Yg mata satu atau yg timbang kati? Seriously, pahangdaily mata satu itu serkap jarang sahaja dalam banyak laporan yg dikeluarkannya dan saya percaya ramai webmasters dan editors.
    Saya minta semua bloggers yg sayangkan UMNO/BN, Negeri Pahang dan KDYMM Tuanku Sultan Pahang utk terus memberikan gambaran sebenar dan menjawab tohmahan, fitnah dan cerita rekaan geng mata satu serta geng bulan sabit dgn menulis dlm blog masing2. Membuat komen dlm blog mereka tiada membawa faedah malah akan menyebabkan mereka lagi eksyen & teruja. Kita lawan mereka dgn blog kita sendiri.
    Saya juga mencabar mereka utk lawati blog saya ini...

  3. I'm glad that there are people in the BN like you, Sakmongkol, Dato' Ti Lian Ker, Datuk Mukhriz etc who are using blogs to counter instead of hurling occasional slurs and insults through press conferences like what some of the ministers, deputies etc are doing. It just gives added ammo to bloggers to strike back.

    This is the way to do it. No doubt the "pro-opposition" blogs and sites will get a lot more hits - that's natural enough, for it's easy very easy to find faults with others.

    But the messages do get through - at least some of it to some of the people. I'd say that's good enough as compared to "nothing gets through to anybody".

  4. Dato'

    Why should there be war in cyberspace! Instead of one way traffic as with the main stream papers before; ( even now ), blogs and comments, posts allow people an avenue to comment and rebut on issues not allowed before. They become better informed and are able to make better decisions with their head rather than their hearts. As you have said it is difficult to create truth !


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