Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blow whistles Change Identity!

The Government planned to introduce the Witness protection, with new identity and job

The Bill was introduced in Parliament today for its First Reading and if passed will among others provide for:-
"The Bill also sets out what a witness would have to disclose to the DG when applying, such as details of criminal history, outstanding tax, bankruptcy proceedings, immigration status, business dealings, financial liabilities and assets as well as general medical condition. The final decision whether or not to allow a witness into the programme will be made by the A-G. A registrar of witness protection will also be appointed to maintain a register of participants and that only the A-G, DG, minister and any other person authorised by the DG would have access to the register. This register would also not be produced in court."

This is to encourage witnesses to come forward to testify in serious criminal cases such as corruption and the like. This is something Pak Lah had promised before he goes in March 2009.

Serious loopholes can be detected if the above report by Malaysian Insider is accurate.
"The applicants' criminal records, mental health and whether alternative protection can be provided are among factors to be considered before being admitted to the programme."

If the vetting and the enforcement part of the new law is not properly done, we will see people having serious personal problems mentally, financially and socially, changing their identities by becoming whistleblowers.

What's the definition of changing identity?
Can a Malay change his identity to become someone or some other race?
Can a Muslim change his identity to become non-muslim?
What about a non-bumi changing to become bumi just to get the Bumi Status? Maybe not for him now but for his children in the future?.
What will be the status or identity of children born after the change of identity?
How about the issue of "wali" in cases of muslim marriages?

There are too many questions.
Let us wait for the Bill to be published and let us see what further things can be said and written!

p/s: What if I want to have a new identity and a new job, can I still keep the DIMP which carry the title Dato'? Can I drive a new car but with the same number plate that I fancy?

No wonder we cannot go to war? Too many luxuries to lose out!


  1. Salam Dato' SN,

    When Dollah was in his deep sleep, people grew worried. Now he wakes up, and we are offered with more stupid bills. Definitely this man has got to go.

    Malaysia is a small country, where they gonna hide those witnesses. Perhaps deep in jungle of Sabah and Sarawak.


  2. Salam DSN,

    1. Interesting piece of writing and this is how we disagree...mmmmm

    2. New car? Datukship? Luxuries? ... well there you go....back to the same ol' question of "whats in it for me?...whats in it for me...."

    3. I know there's mouth to feed (family and kids) and with this would anyone be brave enough or 'sanely' enough to forgo all necessity...but....

    4. If everyone thinks the same..an employee would not "whistle blow" his employer..or a designate not "whistle blow" his superior...then our fundamental flaws would always remain....

    5. The idea of it is to fight graft as it core! thru spiritual and other means that are self-righteous...this is impossible (i know some people would say otherwise)....it has been cemented in our fundamnetal life thru what i called a "wealth trap"....and "envy"...which is a human nature...Money is GOD! for some people ...and there would never be enough.....

    6. Comes to my last question..What is ENOUGH for you DSN?


  3. DSN,

    1. Actually one question comes into mind after i had written my previous comment...

    2. Hypothetically, if you know of a graft that happens within your senses...would you hear no evil...see no evil...and talk no evil....??? and if there's graft done by your friends....would you close one eye (like what our Melaka friend did to the Customs)...is that an act of condoning?

    3. Back to my question....the fiasco done by Suara Gemilang was done by few people who were 'friends'...you know and i know....but at the end of the day , the MB gets all the flak cos he is the leader...yes he does not have anything personal with it...but by keeping "quiet" and not whistle blow the real "culprit"....is that an act of self-righteous....or selemah lemah iman hanya berdoa....

    3. The ball is in your court, Sir?


  4. Prodigal maestro,
    May I address you as PM Sir,
    Thank you for the wonderful comments. When I wrote "p/s : What if I want to have a new identity and a new job, can I still keep the DIMP which carry the title Dato'? Can I drive a new car but with the same number plate that I fancy?", you must have realised it was a p/s.
    I was trying to be sarcastic...oh I am not that type! What I meant was..if someone wants to change his identity but still want to carry the datoship & the fancy number plate to his car (even with a new car), people will still be able to identify him or her. In my case for example, if I want to change my identity, what should I be. The only thing I know is to be a lawyer. If I still practice law with the new identity, people will still recognise me. If I appear in Court and I meet my old friends from Varsity days, there will sure recognised me. I will hear, Helllloooo bro...jgn dok menyamar lah! What then should I be? A rubber tapper? No way PM, I can't do it anymore..I have left tapping rubber some 40 years ago! If I still carry the datoship, the people say...haprak betul dato tu...dah motong getah pulak! The lists of jokes goes on and on...

    If I see a corruption right in front of my eyes? Oh my God...many many years ago when I was in the Judicial & Legal Service...I did arrest someone who wanted to bribe me! and he had gone to Pudu for that.

    What is enough for me? I was having a very comfortable life as a practising lawyer for 15 years prior to my present job. What I earn now is not even 5% of my earning as an Advocate & Solicitor. Why am I so stupid to be here then? Simply because Adnan Yaakob is NOT corrupt! I had told him, if I see any hanky panky, in 4 hours I will be back in KL! NO, he is NOT corrupt at all..I can vouch for that!

    Close one eye like the Melaka friend? No way PM. I am very well known for that! Try me!

    There is a very big different between whistleblowing and defending an accused person. Will I surrender the accused if I know he really did it? YES! But the law of the land say, as a lawyer you can mitigate to reduce his sentence! But then again, one must differentiate the real genuine whistleblower with the one with ulterior motives. Don't you agree PM? There are also times when you may act by giving advise first. Like for example if you know it is just a small fry taking RM50 from the motrcyclist etc etc... If you get him the 2nd time, I would rather even tie him up with "kawat duri"

    The Seruan Gemilang case? You know what I know by the way you put it here. SGM got the judgment already and SGM was supposed to file for Judicial Review for a Certificate to Pay in accordance with the Govt Proceedings Act yesterday (16th Dec, 2008) but they never did! I wonder why! Nevertheless, in a few days, the lawyers employed by the Pahang Govt will file a proceeding to nullify the whole judgment on grounds (fully compiled and documented) you & I will be so very surprise to see. Please be patient for just a few days. I can say just that for the moment and be rest assured and InsyaAllah we will succeed. One thing for sure, no stones will be left unturned!
    My dear PM, in my life, I have left out ...condoning, abetting, cohorting and I have no partners in crime!
    If you ask sakmongkol, the blogger, he will tell you....my motto is "the truth cannot be created"
    Good night..and salam

  5. DSN,


    1. I am delighted that you didn't took my comments as "personal". It adhere to your request of " Didn't we agree to disagree?". Therefore my respect you Sir

    2. I am not worthy of a Sir even an AMP or even a PJK. I'm a "common man" and insyaallah i prefer to be that way. You may address me as "My brother PM". As you may have well known a Sir is given to those who received an OBE from the dearest Queen. I hope calling me a bro would be ok, as our age difference is quiet vast (no pun intended, just stating a fact). You went to the university when i was a toddler. Anyway you deserved to be called Sir as having a DIMP is similar to having an OBE i.e. recognition by a monarch.

    3. I know it was a sarcasm actually but by poking some stimulation to an intellectual discourse would make this blog to be more professional rather than name calling by some of our 'friends'...dont you think?

    4. I sympathize your hardship when you were young especially living in a village but it shows how well you have made your life and becoming where you are today. And to those saying i'm sucking up..I'm just giving credit where credit is due....to go to the queen's kingdom and obtained what u achieve is no small feat...especially for those who weren't 'silver spoon' fed...That we need to thank the NEP...We are the product of a successful NEP..albeit mine was a bit easier compared to you as i went to the UK in the early 90s and it's common then...

    5. I know how much you earn as a SETPOL, sir but if you are saying that you only get 5%, you must be at the level of Zaid Ibrahim then which would make me tabik spring you for deciding to forgo the 95% of wealth for 'state service'...you were recommended in your post by few friends..and in my 1st post on this blog, i had little respect of you at first with what i hear from the circle but now, my eyes is wide open to know you do walk the talk...unless..you prove me wrong...

    6. Actually you did prove me wrong once...you were "assiting" some newly fledge young woman politician about money i.e. election allowance...yet this people are in it just for the sake of the money...you "blame" an innocent party of trying to delay the dispersement after hearing of "her" plight but i think you took the thing wrongly and made a hasty decision. So i'm giving you a benefit of the doubt that you were just helping someone in need....right sir? Anyway just a brotherly advise from a younger brother to an older brother...the circle around you and around DSAY are "vultures" and "crocodiles"...but i know you know of it already....The incident when one of the exco member brought a businessman with his fancy car to chauffer DSAY during the MKT meeting previous week shows sign of the vultureness...oh what does he know....he works part-time in a furniture store and got luckily met by DS Najib.....

    7. Well i'm a person who does not believe in 'hear say'...and nor will i ever be influenced by it...and yes to my senses (eyes, mouth, ears)..DS AY is NOT a corrupt man!...and the way he cries during the son's wedding shows his sincerity when he said, im quoting"If i wasn''t the MB...maybe my son's wedding will take place in my village with only 2-3 tents and i can picture that"...he has my respect...its just that the circle around him i "despise" and at times he seems to "condone" some act...i.e. his deputy in Bentong...but that's politic and i know he needs his deputy's support for his own power base and yeah that's politic...someone told me i'm naive when it comes to politics...yes i agree..i'm naive...but naive to dirty politics more like it.....

    8. On SG sir, i know its none of my business to disturb what the govt of pahang is doing...and its not even my perogative to kacau the hal of pahang...i live and cari makan in selangor and was born in johore....but my "heart" is with pahang and at times i can be 'seen' around the circle which includes you, sir...did i tell you we do salam and shake hands if we meet....next time i will shake your hand and say..i'm your bro PM...how bout it....back to the SG thingy...i pray that the Pahang govt could nullify the payment and the money is spent for hardcore poor rather than dinosaurs businessman....greedy lots this bastard!!..but what of the guys that "trade" the agreement...just because of them having high rank in DS AY power rank...what would happened to this guy....one of them is "closing rank" and would even dump DS AY in Bentong if he wasnt an MB...and why is DS AY giving him 'nyawa' after 'nyawa'...well thats me....naive in politics....dirty politics!

    9. Sorry to take a lot of space and to those peoples who are reading this, i apologise for making you read a long post...


  6. Bro PM,
    Just a short one. I am so happy to have you here. Keep the comments coming.
    If you strongly feel I have gone wrong please feel free to tell me straight to my face. I need the wake up call too!
    I like the Osman Awang sajak but don't you dare ask me to listen to the Anak Main Api song!

    On the vultures and crocs around DSAY, I am so happy that you too realised. One thing for sure they hate me like a pariah!
    Never did they realise, I cari makan as a lawyer for years and my strong point is making submissions at the end of the case i.e before the Judge decide either acquittal or conviction. My submissions keep coming to DSAY via P&C and I don't give a damn and I don't mind being scolded for writing the P&C which DSAY never did!
    DSAY is a superb politician and the vultures & crocs didn't realise that! Now I am 50, I knew DSAY when I was 13. That is 37 years as compared with the furniture guy! We will see what kind of furniture he will design! Or is he capable?
    Tun M once told me...there are many ways to skin a cat!


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