Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why should Pahang follow Penang?

YB Leong Ngah Ngah of DAP representing Triang in the Pahang State Assembly in his speech debating the State Budget, urged the State Government to follow the style of DAP in Penang.
Among others he urged the State Government to tender available lands to the highest bidder.
He was responding to the Chief Minister, Dato' Sri Adnan Yaakob who questioned him on how to obtain other source of revenue for the State.

If that is the mentality of DAP and the Pakatan Rakyat, sooner or later the whole country will be in the hands of the rich leaving the poor without any land. Worse still, the State will be owned by proxies of unfriendly nations.

Knowing Leong Ngah Ngah, he must be speaking on behalf of the National DAP and Pakatan Rakyat!


  1. I think ICT is a better idea as it would be perpetual revenue unless the state is gonna provide it for free.
    Dunno how much the capital costs are and how long it will take to break even.
    Sakmongkol's idea is probably good as with other states -- Kelantan/Tganu, there will be greater penetration.
    With cheaper and more high tech mobile phone tech and laptops (a smallish one from acer is about RM1,500 these days), it's likely that broadband will become a necessity.

    Re Leong's suggestion. Tendering land is a one off rev? Much better to encourage tourism but does the state get any revenue from that? Taxation is paid to federal right or do tourism companies based in Pahang need licences from the state along with other state levies?

    Another way is probably to let a professional fund manager manage Pahang's coffers, if it has not been done already. Then MB can sit back and reap the dividends, etc.....

    Pakatan is likely to oppose such an idea if PAS's policy in Kelantan is any indication.

    It's really shocking to see Pahang have some sound ppl 'cos Adnan has quite a bad rep in cyberspace with that video of him making a vulgar hand signal in the dewan...But at least he din have a brawl....I forgot which dewan that was...Kelantan maybe?

  2. Jed,
    About the hand signal by DS Adnan...it was during the bye election in Sanggang way back in 2000. He was extremely provoked by the opposition members gathered at the Dewan waiting for the announcement of the candidates eligible to contest the bye election. It was in fact the opposition members who started the vulgar hand signal and showing their private parts to the Wanita Umno. As a result of that silly behaviour by the opposition that Adnan responded. Unfortunately for him, the opposition were armed with video cams & cameras and no one had manged to take video or pictures of the opposition members who started the hand signal and flashing.
    Nevertheless, BN won the Bye Election with a resounding victory! To me the opposition members then and especially now deserved to be shown the hand signal too. Just look at their stupids antics in Parliament & State Assemblies

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