Thursday, November 27, 2008

When Najib Becomes the PM. Part 2

Part 2 of my "When Najib Becomes the PM" is such a nice piece written by my blogger friend Sakmongkol. Please read Pekan Politics

Sakmongkol was an "axed" ADUN for Pulau Manis in Pekan and he knows Pekan like the back of his palms. Not that I dare not say anything about Pekan (come on... read Sakmongkol carefully, I even dare to "lepak2" in the middle of the road in Kg Dong some 40 years ago), I would leave to the samseng kampong from Pekan himself to do it! Tell you what Sakmongkol, Kg Dong Raub was just 60 miles from KUALA LUMPUR and you..from Pekan fella, Pekan was like 4 days journey to KL those days!
Did I hear people in Pekan haven't seen a train till this day? Don't play play ha!..sakmongkol! Joke aside, they use to say, we shit in the hulu and it float and flow to Pekan. All rivers flow to Pekan....get what I mean my dear friend Sakmongkol!

Back to the serious part...

Just to add a bit on what Sakmongkol said...the Dato' Ishak is of the same genre with Wan Adnan of Kuantan, Shahrom of Lipis and Ismail Mutalib of Maran....they chew their vocals! If at all they have any intention of becoming the next MB of Pahang come March 2009, my word of advice to Jabatan Penerangan, "don't adjust the volume or change the's the way they talk!".

If you don't believe me, try calling them over the phone. If you understand what the jackasses are talking are great bro!


  1. bro dsn,
    you forgot to mention, dato sahak is perpetually clearing phlegm frm his throat. sitting beside him, will make you lose appetite.
    yes.. remembered th etrip on bee huat bus to kl.. by the time you reached Bkt Tinggi areas, you puked.
    haha.. true, all the shit from the hulu, floats down to Pekan. probably that's why the patin tastes so much better.

  2. Dear DSN...

    Quoted from ur post..

    If at all they have any intention of becoming the next MB of Pahang come March 2009, my word of advice to Jabatan Penerangan, "don't adjust the volume or change the's the way they talk!".

    As u know there is already talk in bandar (kuantan) that a new MB will emerge come March 09 and your post here strengthen the rumor...perhaps the new MB comes from the very division in which the state capital sits...perhaps yea?

    However, the new MB, if these is one, will need tutoring on public speaking, face-to-face communication and above all improve the hell his communication skills especially in english since his only mastered foreign lingo is japanese...yes?

    Then again, Long aways said he is tired lah, wanna rileks lah, time to take a step down lah...Ayahanda di Pekan pun dok paster PM to change MB, maybe its about time kot?

    Maybe the nippon-speaking MB should be given a chance the way Long was given in 1999...kan?

    Kuantan Permanent Resident

  3. U mean Khalil's legacy!!!Porahh citt , that guy not even chew his vocals, but also blurr of idea, come on bro, opposition in Pahang much much more stronger than b4, need someone brutal dey, bravery cha and voice like fiery lion...

  4. fuyyoo, oghang ktn nak jadi mb.., menang pun tak banyak, parlimen pun kalah, nasin baik pindah kawaasan kalau tak, belunjur...apa pun cita-cita tu memang tinggi, tgh atur-atur katanya,.. lawan dulu la. Tok Nan bukan calang2 woo, ramai musuh dah belunjur, kali ni oghang nak pekena dia lagi..kita tengok sapa yang kena....

  5. asm dsn,
    apa yang dikata memang tepat. ramai yang bercita-cita nak jadi mb, tapi ramai tulah yang hanya bermimpi saje, tapi kerja rakyat disia-siakan, akhirnya semua rugi. Tok Nan bukan duduk saje, dia nak buat keje , apa salah tolong dia, jangan hanya cakap saje...

  6. When will we have an honest leader who fight for rakyat not for their own private gain?

    when will the moslems in Malaysia unite?

    when will the Malays unite?

    ehehe may be it is just a dream eh.

    UMNO needs to reform.


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