Wednesday, November 26, 2008

When Najib becomes the PM. The Pahang Connection Part 1 (The Politicians)

Pahang people will definitely be happy if Najib becomes the PM and it come with high hopes and expectations. It will be the second time the son of Pahang becomes the PM. The first was Tun Abdul Razak Hussein, Najib's father. The people of Pahang will be hoping and expecting that Najib will bring good things to Pahang. Whilst knowing that Najib will be the PM for Malaysia and not just for Pahang, the people of Pahang will expect their wish-lists be fulfilled by Najib.

Najib was born both biologically and politically in Pahang. Pahang is thus his political base. With 14 Parliamentary and 42 State Assembly seats, Pahang can easily give Najib the strength needed. Umno and BN in Pahang have 14 divisions each.


The Ketua Bahagian is YB Dato' Wan Rosdy Wan Ismail. He is a first term EXCO member of the State. Dato' Devamani is the MP and Tanah Rata is represented by a Bebas member. Nothing, in the present set up can be detected as a problem to Najib. Notable personalities like Dato' Omar Othman and Dato' Fattah Abdullah are no longer in the limelight and can never be a problem to Najib.


The Ketua Bahagian is YB Abdul Rahman Mohamed when he defeated Dato' Soffi Razak (an EXCO Member) in the recent party election. Dato' Dr. Shahrom is the MP who is not capable of causing any problem to Najib. YB Dato' Foong Koong Fuee is the ADUN for Cheka and also an EXCO member. Another personality Dato' Suhaimi Ibrahim who is the Political Secretary to Shahrizat (PM's office) can never be a problem to Najib even if the fact that he was previously aligned to Anwar Ibrahim when the latter was DPM, is taken into consideration. The people of Lipis will always remember Najib was born in Lipis!


YB Dato' Shahiruddin Moin is the Ketua Bahagian who was strongly challenged by Dato' Mustapha Kamal Abdul Hamid in the recent party election. Mustapha Kamal can never ever give any problem to Najib. YB Dato' Ng Yen Yen who is also a Minister and a Vice President of MCA Malaysia is the MP. She cannot be a problem to Najib and if such a thing can happen, she can be asked to contest in other constituency out of Raub. She had created some unhappiness among the Malay voters before, but that problem can be easily solved. YB Aziz Kiram who is the ADUN for Batu Talam is harmless. Whilst DAP had captured the Tras State seat, with careful planning and approach, the seat can be recaptured. Even if it remained to be with DAP, it can never create any problem to Najib. Even if we stretch our imagination further, the presence of personalities like Dato' Syed Ali, Dato' Johar Rusi, Datuk Abdullah Bakar and others can never be a problem at all! They too want Najib to be the PM.


At present the MP and Ketua Bahagian is Tengku Dato' Sri Azlan Ibni Sultan Abu Bakar. He is the brother of the Sultan of Pahang. Was offered the post of Deputy Minister in the Pak Lah Government but rejected the offer. He was known to be aligned to Tengku Li and was in Semangat 46 before. Tengku Lan's problem can easily be settled by Najib as Najib is the Orang Kaya Indera Shahbandar Pahang and the Istana can assist him in dealing with Tengku Lan. YB Dato' Dr. Shukri Ismail, the ADUN for Pulau Tawar lost to Tengku Lan for the post of Ketua Bahagian, is harmless insofar as Najib is concern. Another personality is YB Dato' Wan Amizan who is the ADUN for Tahan. He is a young man with energy and money but lack the mental capabilities to mount any problem to Najib. Notable personalities such as Dato' Wan Abu Bakar, Dato' Bazain and Kamaruzaman Baria maybe the key factor in strengthening Najib's hold on Jerantut.


With Dato' Sri Adnan Yaakob helming Umno, Najib has nothing to worry. Adnan speaks highly of Najib and will never ever forget the fact that he became an ADUN by Najib's appointment. Bentong is unique. The Ketua Pemuda Umno Pahang who is from Bentong, Dato' Khairuddin Yaakob (no relation to Adnan Yaakob) was humbled by his own cawangan by not electing him to be a representative to the Mesyuarat Bahagian. Otherwise he is also harmless and lacks capability especially intellectually. Dato' Zaini Salleh and Dato' NorAzmi, the other personalities are not the persons who can create any problem to Najib. YB Dato' Liow Tiong Lai who is the MP is also the Minister of Health Malaysia and the MCA Vice President. The ADUN for Bilut, YB Dato' Hoh Khai Mun is the Pahang MCA Chairman. Both Liow and Hoh can never be a problem to Najib, not in any manner at all! The ADUN for Sabai is YB Dato' Davendran who won the seat narrowly to a novice DAP candidate who is not only an unknown but a woman from Kuantan. Nevertheless Davendran is the Pahang MIC Chairman. He is totally harmless to Najib but can be quite stubborn in getting things done for the Indian community in Pahang. He cannot be blamed for that as he is the only MIC ADUN in Pahang. Bentong also have the Chairman of Pahang Gerakan in YB Dato' Dr. Ng Kian Chye who is the ADUN for Ketari. Bentong is truly unique in the sense that the wakil rakyats are all heads of their respective political parties within the Barisan Nasional.


With Dato' Sarit Jusoh relinquishing the post of Ketua Bahagian, YB Dato' Sharkar Shamsudin has taken over. He is an EXCO member and owed his political life to Najib. Najib was the one who brought him home from US when Najib met Sharkar in a furniture shop there. No way, not in any imagination can Sharkar be a problem to Najib. YB Dato' Saifuddin Abdullah is the MP and a Federal Deputy Minister. Whilst Saifuddin speaks with an air of ideals and theories, he is also a prodigy to Najib. Whilst the DUN for Kuala Semantan is held by a PAS wakil rakyat, Temerloh have its own way. The ADUN for Mentakab is YB Chuah from MCA and not of any quality to be causing any problem to Najib. Nevertheless, Najib must always place his attention to Temerloh. The people of Temerloh are unique. The Opposition especially Pas & PKR are mounting a strong attack via Temerloh. It will be a smart strategy if Najib gets the assistance of Tan Sri Sabbaruddin Chik, Dato' Sarit Jusoh, Dato' Sri Aziz Rahman and a few other veteran UMNO leaders to assist Sharkar in handling Temerloh. Sharkar is raw and at times lack maturity both in action and outlook which may or may not change with time.


YB Dato' Mohamad Jaafar, the ADUN for Kuala Krau, had relinquished his Ketua Bahagian post. YB Ismail Said, the MP has taken over. He is ambitious and is eyeing for a Federal post. Capability wise, he is yet to be tested. Prior to becoming an MP, he was the Ketua Pemuda UMNO Pahang and nothing much can be said of him even taking into consideration his legal background. The ADUN for Jengka is YB Wan Salman and for Jenderak is a veteran by the name of YB Zaharuddin. Zaharuddin is a first term ADUN and not ambitious in his outlook. He credits his candidacy in Jenderak to Adnan Yaakob, Najib and Pak Lah after being patient for almost 3 decades! All things considered, Kuala Krau can never be of any problem to Najib. Pas and PKR might take advantage of the fact that Kuala Krau comprises mostly of Felda schemes, Najib is in charge of Felda and it can easily be tackled! The presence of Dato' Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, the PAS strongman in Jengka cannot be of any challenge to Najib or UMNO for that matter as Tuan Ibrahim lacks the quality of a true Pas leader and insofar as Pahang people are concerned, his Kelantanese origin creates problem to himself. Among Pas members too, he can never be accepted as a true leader. Not in the near future that Pahang people can accept a person from Kelantan to lead Pahang!


YB Dato' Sri Ismail Sabri Yaakob (no relation to Adnan Yaakob) is the Ketua Bahagian, the MP and a Federal Minister. Looks like Ismail has a good grip on Bera. The ADUN for Guai is YB NorolAzali and for Kemayan is YB Fathil. Both are first timers and will never be of any problem to Najib. The presence of Datuk Mustapha Yassin and group cannot in any way be a problem to Najib. Their struggle and opposition is against Ismail not against UMNO or the leadership in Pahang. They just hate Ismail since Ismail is of Kelantanese parentage but ironically, Mustapha is supporting Tengku Li and Tengku Li is pure Kelantanese. It's a gullible challenge on Ismail and can never be successful! Ismail is of a different breed from Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man. Triang is in the Bera parliamentary constituency and is a DAP stronghold. YB Leong Ngah Ngah has been there for 4 terms but his presence can never be a problem to Najib. Leong alone can never create any impact in Bera or for that matter in Pahang. The possibility of him to be around in the next general election is very slim. He was diagnosed as suffering from some form of cancer. May god bless him!


With YB Dato' Tan Aminuddin as the Ketua Bahagian, the ADUN for Chenor and also an EXCO member (formerly a Deputy to the MB not Deputy MB), Maran is Najib's stronghold. The MP is Dato' Ismail Mutalib and is totally harmless. At times, when he chew his vocals, it's difficult to comprehend what he is talking about. The other ADUN is YB Dato' Shahaniza Shamsuddin for Kuala Sentul and YB Dato' Munawar for Luit. Shahaniza is very ambitious and is vying for the Ketua Puteri UMNO Malaysia seat. If she were to succeed, she can be an asset to Najib. If she lose, she is not a problem to Najib save for some demand for party post at the Federal level. She loves the limelight. Dato' Rosni Zahari, who is presently supporting Tengku Li due to her Kelantanese connection, has no problem at all to shift her support to Najib. What she need is a Wanita UMNO EXCO post at Malaysian level and she need to protect and preserve her business interest and maybe a Senatorship using the Pahang Wanita Umno quota. Another personality in the name of Dato' Shamsul Najmi Shamsuddin is Shahaniza's elder brother. He is an ustaz with one eye aiming at business interest and can never create any problem to Najib.


If at all there be any problem to Najib, it will be Paya Besar. Dato' Tajuddin Sulaiman is the Ketua Bahagian and is always a problem to Najib. He is and still is angry for been dropped as the ADUN during the 12th GE. Due to his own folly, he had also resigned as the Pahang UMNO Secretary and now openly supporting Tengku Li. He is a lone ranger and he can't go far. YB Dato' Manan Ismail, the MP, lost to Tajudin for the Ketua Bahagian post in the recent party election. Manan is Najib's "inner circle" being close to Rosmah. YB Dato' Sohaimi Md Sah is ADUN for Sungai Lembing, YB Zaili Besar for Panching and YB Suhaimi Jusoh for Lepar. All are harmless insofar as Najib is concern. Another personality, Dato' Sri Dr. Zaharah Sulaiman (no relation to Tajudin) is the Ketua Wanita and had past her glamour days. Nothing to worry about Siti Zaharah.


What do we expect of Kuantan? The MP is from PKR in the name of Fuziah Salleh when MCA's candidate lost the seat. The Ketua Bahagian is YB Dato' Wan Adnan Wan Mamat who is ADUN for Tanjung Lumpur and an EXCO member. He is not much different with Ismail Mutalib. At times can't understand what he is talking about. He chews his vocals! Another personality is YB Dato' Shafik Fauzan who is the ADUN for Inderapura and also a newly appointed EXCO member. Maturity wise, nothing much can be said of him. Clearly he is no politician. The Deputy Ketua is Dato' Hamid Nazahar a.k.a Hamid Mandela. He is at present the Political Secretary to Hishammuddin. He is from the rank and file, from a despatch rider for a legal firm to what he is now. No way can any of them be of any problem to Najib. Not so sure if at all they can win back Kuantan from the PKR. Kuantan need quality UMNO members which will remain just a dream at the moment since the personalities stated above don't have the attraction to the professionals and well-educated/well-informed youth of today. Teruntum is held by an MCA ADUN namely YB Chang. He is young and raw. The MCA Chief is nevertheless another personality in Dato' Ti Lian Ker. He was dropped during the last GE and trying hard to regain the Kuantan parliament seat for MCA. UMNO is also hoping and Najib had made a promise about giving back to UMNO. Let's see whether UMNO will succeed as we suspect the initiatives taken by the leaders.


Another constituency in the district of Kuantan which had fallen to PKR. Dato' Faisal Abdullah who lost his Beserah DUN seat to a Pas candidate heavily in the 12th GE was also defeated by one Hazmi a.k.a Mi Nandeq for the post of Ketua Bahagian. Now that Dato' Fauzi Rahman, a former Deputy Minister and ADUN had left UMNO to join PKR, he can be problem to Najib. Not any one UMNO personality in Indera Mahkota can stop Fauzi Rahman. Nothing much more can be said of Indera Mahkota and Najib better take a careful watch!


Rompin is another interesting seat. If we add a "g" to Rompin which will become Romping, then you know what we mean. Dato' Sri Jamaluddin Jarjis a.k.a JJ is the MP and Ketua Bahagian. In the last party election he compromised with his long time political enemy, Dato' Hassan Ariffin who agreed not to challenge him and accepted the Deputy Ketua Bahagian post without contest. Dato' Maznah Mazlan who is an ADUN, Senator and Deputy Minister is the Naib Ketua. YB Dato' Sahfri Aziz is the ADUN for Ibam and an EXCO member. The other ADUN is Capt (Rtd) Johari for Tioman. Can anyone in Rompin to be of any problem to Najib? No, not when JJ is still there!


Pekan is where Najib reign. Can anyone be of any problem to Najib from the Barisan Nasional fold? No way, not in times to come! The only problem Najib might face is the fact that Pekan has at all times about 6,000 opposition voters no matter who the candidate for BN. Even during the times of Tun Razak and Najib will have to deal with it!

To Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak, the politicians in Pahang say... Tahniah in advance.


  1. fascinating!
    ah, now najib has to become pM...AND hang on to it....

  2. Dear Jed,
    Just hold on...wait & see what Sakmongkol has got to say and my 2nd part of the story...

  3. hmm.. temerloh and semantan especially. I personally vote for PAS. Why? To send a stern message to BN and their cronies. Although I am UMNO member. Looking at Temerloh, no visible changes yet. Looks like another round for PAS.

  4. ah well, the UMNO or BN in Pahang has become so clumsy. So many misuse of power and not so many representatives care a lot about the people. Some are govern by their spouses, the datins. look at the modernization in Pahang, is there any that can be proud of? kuantan? ehehehe. The people of Pahang need to wake up. Give electric shock therapy to your leader. They are narrow minded, practicing money politics and not that honest. Ah one more thing, they like to spent the state's money honeymooning and playing golf in Medan... one of the wakil rakyat is even called "wakil rakyat Medan" eheheheheh. what a joke. thats my view after 8 years in Pahang. WAKE UP!!!!

  5. Dear Godisuno!
    I'm the anak-jati Pahang live here for 30 years (compared to you just only 8 years, aha what a joke!).
    Come on Godisuno, define modernization!
    Perhaps you are the one who need to wake up...not me, not us - the true anak-jati Pahang.
    So, till then piss off!

  6. kembara politik,
    ehehehe, thats my view. My personal views. i'm entitled to my view, isn't it. Piss off you said eh? thats not a good way to treat those with different view especially if you are a moslem. what i'm saying is that sometimes we need a jolt to wake up a stagnant people. 30 years of living in Pahang doesn't mean a thing if you can not critically judge the situation for the better.Living under a cocoon of fantasy. if you want the definition of modernization, then open up the dictionary. Open up your mind. Pahang need a revive UMNO. Not an old tired one. Give chance to the young generation. Like Dr M said... we need a new energetic UMNO to fight for the Malays, not the burnt out ones. Long live DR M.

  7. Godisuno! Ah yes! You are entitle to your point of view. Aha, so do I. Its my point of view that you are not qualified enough to give any point of view regarding what your so-called modernization in Pahang. But you forgot 1 thing for sure. Dr M also said that people (especially the opposition) always make a statement and allegation without any concrete evidence just like yours!
    Yeah piss off, (stop kencing budak-budak like your PKR did).

  8. When Najib became DPM, everybody in Pahang put high hope on him to bring some benefit to RAKYAT, but unfortunately so sucks...every single thing just to plea the people of Pekan, not the whole Pahang, why? I knew that he is the DPM of Malaysia, people still put the hope that he will benefit Pahang when he becomes PM. Kalau tak jd mcm Pak Lah kat Penang la PRU 13 nanti, lgpun Najib kan master of 360 turnaround!

  9. Salam perjuangan,

    Pemuda IKS menyokong penuh Dato' Seri Najib selaku Presiden UMNO dan Perdana Menteri Malaysia. BERANI BERUBAH!

    “Memperkasa Generasi Baru”

    Pergerakan Pemuda
    UMNO Cawangan Taman IKS
    Bahagian Batu WP

  10. The question, Who's next after Najib? Datuk Ishak, too old,.. How's about Pemuda?
    Sampai masanya Najib dan Umno Pekan menyediakan tokoh muda yang setanding Tun Razak dan Najib. Najib akan pergi suatu hari nanti atau mungkin awal jika karier politiknya dimusnahkan dengan puluhan "skandal". Hamba tidak tahu pula jika UMNO Pekan berhajat melantik Rosmah sebagai Ketua UMNO merangkap MP selepas Najib. Mungkin lebih terus jadi PM daripada "PM de-factor"??? Mungkinkah UMNO Pekan mahu meneruskan legasi Orang Kaya Shahbandar menerajui pekan.

  11. kembara Politik,
    Guess you haven't been around UMNO people lately eh. How they talk about how much bribe they got from the candidates for ketua pemuda post and also candidates for other posts. Or may be you just don't want to accept the fact and live in denial, or may be you are one of them.. who knows. So which one are you?

    PKR? ehehehe not the supporter of that stupid party. Anwar just make me want to puke. Just want to have a clean, sincere, islamic UMNO which is full of integrity. Dreaming of UMNO with leaders who fight truely for AGAMA, BANGSA and NEGARA. Not fighting for their own pocket.


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