Friday, November 21, 2008

Razak Speaks Out...Cockily!

I am happy that Razak Baginda is a free man now. I always believe that the rule of law do exist and prevail in Malaysia. I have full faith in the Malaysian Judiciary. I always say "Its better to acquit a guilty person then to punish an innocent person".

But, when I read Razak Baginda: God and family were his saviours in the NST today, I am wondering why should Razak Baginda be so cocky? As reported at the bottom of the article :-

Suggestion that he may not return home after his doctorate studies in UK: "I'll be back in a couple of months, unless I get a cushy job like prime minister of the UK."

What made Razak say that? Does he think he is damned bloody good? (read it with Cockney slang)

Come on Razak, stop the rubbish. The people of Malaysia know you. Don't spoil Najib's reputation any further... Najib is from Pahang and I'm from Pahang too. TST (tau sama tau) sudah lah!


  1. A shit head is always a shit head. I am not sure whether I can still believe in the system. I guess not many still do.

  2. Razak the cocky guy, keep your mouth shut...ayoyo boss, pahang state govt appointed pensioner as blogger, is it effective, and why announce dey thambi..blogger no need to be promoted via public press...


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