Tuesday, November 4, 2008

President of Bar Council by way of postal votes...Part 2

There are 5616 legal firms and 12708 lawyers in Peninsula Malaysia (including Labuan but not Sabah & Sarawak).
Out of the 12,708 postal ballot papers for the 12,708 lawyers, sent out, how many would actually came back duly marked and properly sealed and received by the Bar Council Secretariat? And out of that number, how many ballot papers ended up like what happened to Lawyer Kampung ?

To qualify as a candidate to the Bar Council, the lawyer must be of at least 7 years of practice i.e having 7 Sijil Annuals & 7 Practicing Certificates.
To the young new lawyers, they don't even know who to vote for, as the ballot paper did not come with pictures of the candidates.
To the old & senior lawyers, they are too busy doing their work (making money) to even bother look at the ballot papers.
Lawyers can be classified further as those "doing court work only" and those "doing conveyancing work only". And of course, there are those who do the corporate work only and those who do nothing (only)! And there are also the NATO kind... No Action Talk Only! There is also the "Jack of all trade, master of none"

Do they know each other? Do I know Ambiga? Was she around when we had good times in the wooden Court House in Jalan Duta or the one on the Bukit Mahkamah?

Remember when lawyers wear wigs to court? And lawyers speak with British slang and suddenly in the late 80's the language was changed to Bahasa Melayu.

"Your honour, may I pray for order in terms of the application". The late Karam Singh Veriah (a great lawyer) once asked me to translate the phrase into Malay. Told him to state "Yang Ariff, saya mohon satu perintah yang disembahyangkan" and everyone in the Court Room Sessions Court 2 Jalan Duta presided by Tuan Kang Hwee Ghee (now Judge High Court?) erupted into laughters and giggles! Tuan Kang allowed the application by saying "Please do, please do Mr Karam!"

Those days we had less than 1,000 lawyers throughout the country and its easy to know each other.

Now? How on earth did that fella got to be President of the Bar Council? A question not for me to answer and can never be answered correctly!


  1. do lawyer have nomination day? or candidacy campaign?

    how a president get elected?


    do lawyer have family day outing from different2 practice?

    i wonder and now I wanted to form Programmer Guild and I want to be Mr President. Objective? errrr.. none. just want the name president.

  2. Sir taek boon
    I dont think I should be in any way involve with rocky bru. Thanks and no thanks...hehehe


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