Monday, November 3, 2008

The Postal Vote way to be President of Bar Council

The NST reported Only 23 in Bar Council elections

Take a whole look of the Legal Profession Act 1976 especially from Section 46A till Section 63.
In short the members of the Bar Council were appointed and/or voted in by:
1. postal ballots
2. from among the members voted in via the postal ballots, choose the President & other office bearers.

You tell me! All lawyers out there and Matthias Chang (with him as a friend, I don't need any enemy!) especially! Not forgetting Lawyer Kampung

Ballot papers are sent by post to the offices of the lawyers in the 1st week of November and must be returned to the Bar Council before the end of November. Thereafter the Bar Council will keep the envelopes and "All envelopes containing ballot papers received by the Bar Council shall be kept unopened and shall be delivered to the scrutineers on the first working day after the last day of November" See section 50 (4) of the LPA 1976

I'm asking these questions :-
1. Did the lawyer himself physically mark the "X" on the ballot paper? Could the lawyer just ask someone else to do it for him/her? The secretary maybe? Or the Chambering student?
2. During the whole month of November, anything can happen to the ballot papers. What about security of the ballot papers. Possibility of tampering etc etc

Is it time for the Bar Council to change rather than talking nonsense and talking about people changing their religion?


  1. Dato', usually by end of November I would have forgotten where did I put that ballot paper in the 1st place. One year, when I ran out of paper during a trial, the back of the paper end up as my "emergency" note of proceedings.. haha

  2. Bar Council always talkcock..time to reform!


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