Monday, November 24, 2008

Pensioners as bloggers?

Sharkar the Exco member in charge of ICT in Pahang made an announcement in Temerloh on the appointment of pensioners as bloggers.
It might be a smart idea and it can be a stupid idea too!
Whatever it is, blogspheres might not be the bread and butter of the pensioners. They might not be able to comprehend the fast moving world of blogs. How many pensioners like Tun Dr Mahathir can we find in Pahang? How about getting the unemployed graduates to blog? But do we need to announce their appointment?

I will humbly submit to the MB to scrape the idea ASAP!


  1. D S N? Please don't!I want to try!I have been a pensioner for the last 25 years!I beg you!Have mercy!!Give me a free computer please!Mine dah rosak.Asyik kena pinjam Dato' sak punya!Leceh!

  2. Dato,

    Patrick Teoh has commented.

    Yeah maybe mamamista should get a computer....

  3. Jed,
    Saw the niamah! blog...hahahaha
    I can speak a bit of cantonese & can understand what he is trying to say...
    Dirty Old Man!
    Just imagine if Sharkar were to employ dirty old men! I will block them from entering my blog!
    This mamasita ha!
    I'll get her the laptop on one promise not to be hamsap! hahaha

  4. Hahahaha like Rajnikan always says translate in Malay .."TAU TAKPE!!!

  5. Dato

    Will you be one of them?

    Oh no... The pensioners toying around with bloggers... welcome... welcome.

    We speak our mind and thoughts but they will have sponsored guidelines... Alas!

  6. Mantra,
    Don't u ever worry...
    If at all the pensioners were to be appointed, they can't even come near you or Jed!
    Not in pari materia ....

  7. Jed?Tq for the backup! Tok?Hamsap tu apa?


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