Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ex-gratia payment to Salleh Abas & gang

I have been writing about this in my earlier postings. Sakmongkol wrote about it too and it have been the ''buah mulut orang'' at the coffee shops, golf clubs, gerai & kopitiams. Wow...5 million ringgit to Salleh Abas! Can he save that much even if he is still the LP? No wonder when Tan Sri Azmi was interviewed on TV after he got the money, he looked so energetic, so full of ''marah'' to Tun M. Can't say anything about George Seah as he was too ill to say much! About the judges who had passed away, can't say anything too.
Ex-gratia payments are supposed to be compassionate payments, not payments ''in full compensation''. Agree with Tun M that we have set a precedent. And it's a bad one!
How about compensation to all the soldiers and policemen who died serving the country? Can we go way back to compensate Pandak Indut for being wrongly hanged for killing JWW Birch while the latter ''mandi'' at the Perak River?
Why must the country be ''blessed'' with people like Zaid Ibrahim? Damned you Zaid!

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