Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Ya Pak, sudirman nya aja Pak"

The Star Online reported the remark made by Tajol Rosli, ‘Longer campaign period may reduce money politics’
According to Tajol Rosli the former Perak MB, “It’s not about money any longer. We have gone back to the old days where, if you have not come to greet me and I do not even know you, I will not vote for you,”

On several occasion, when I was going round with the late Tun Ghaffar Baba campaigning in the 80's, I noticed that Tun Ghaffar had a way of making people feel at ease when talking to him. He will greet strangers with Tuan for men and Puan for women. Sometime he will also greet the stranger as Tuan Haji when that stranger has the Haji look! Just imagine the face and body language of the kampong folks being called Tuan or Tuan Haji by the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia then! Vote for Ghaffar all the way!

I had also experienced meeting leaders both in BN & PR who have poor memories. In present day and in one ocassion, I was introduced to this leader by his political secretary in a lift of a hotel and there were only the 3 of us inside the lift. The leader shook my hand warmly and kept telling his political secretary, "Of course I know him, of course I know him!". I told myself, "wow...he know me!"
The next morning, I had my breakfast at the hotel and the leader was there too. I went up to him and greeted the leader (the political secretary was not there this time).... he don't even know who the hell I am! He completely forgot that I was introduced to him last night in the lift!
Do I give my vote to such a leader? No way man! No way! If he had forgotten me after, say a month of being introduced...fair enough, I can accept it.

To Tajol Rosli, I just want to say that in UMNO (I mean at this moment), the Agong is the still the Supreme Commander. I am not talking about the present Agong. I am talking about the First Yang DiPertuan Agong! If you have lots of agongs in your pockets, you will have lots of friends and lots of ahli will remember you. They will remember you well. Their memories will be refreshed every time they see the agong!
In Indonesia the expression is "Ya Pak, sudirman nya aja Pak". With sudirman you go far in Indonesia!


  1. bro,
    sad but true. this will be the curse in UMNO. come march 2009, money will rule. in indonesia, its as you pointed general sudirman, in m'sia, its the 1st agong.
    duke of wellington was reputed to say, the battle of waterloo was won on the playing fields of eton. in malaysia, the future leaders of UMNO and to a large extent, the country, are decided in the toilets of PWTC.
    you and i know that will happen bro.

  2. u've affirm my instinct that I can't be a good politician, I've a real bad memory when it come to recognizing people. Like I've been working for this company for 6 months now, when stumble upon with some of my colleague in real world, I hardly recognize them, sure I'd smiled back at them, and I would know who the person smiling at me after he/she flee away from sight.

  3. Haiyaa... apa kecoh2 ni UMNO punyer org, bikin havoc satu Malaya, kapitan Cina punya luit lu olang sebat, itu pasai org cina mau kuasa lu olang lenyap, baru mintak hapus 30% ekuiti sudah kecut telor! Kasi potong itu barang bagi makan sama gua punyai BABI!!!!Soli ha, wa baru masuk Melayu....

  4. Haiya Mualaf alaf,
    Kuantan ada satu lestolen Mualaf. Sikalang sulah tutup! Sulah binklap? Satu ali lu pun muleh binklap oooo. Itu melayu kasi hantam lu punya wang kasi mikin apa had? Lu nyagan cakap lu masuk melayu oooo. Itu makne sulah lain oooo
    Manyak telima kasih aaaa


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