Friday, October 31, 2008

Razak oh Razak Baginda...Bebas kau rupanya!

Dari dulu lagi kita dah jangka. Razak Baginda will be freed without the defence being called! Baca lah di sini

Bukan senang hendak buktikan tuduhan subahat. Semua circumstantial dan common intention bukan mudah untuk dibuktikan.

Remembered very well, way back in 1982 during the interview for the post of Magistrate before the panel comprising Tan Sri Raja Azlan Shah (as he then was), Datuk Abu Talib (now Tan Sri) and Puan Siti Norma Yaacob (Now Tan Sri), I was lectured by Sultan Azlan.... "If you become a magistrate and when you want to decide to call or not to call for the defence of the accused, remember this...make sure your conscience is clear and it's ok to free a guilty person rather than send an innocent person to jail!

Maybe Dato' Zaki Yassin was interviewed by the same panel 2 years earlier than me!


  1. Razak Baginda telah mendapat keadilan dari segi undang undang tetapi bagi yang tidak mahu mempercayainya, tersemat seribu satu lagi tuduhan dan tomahan yang akan keluar.

    Mereka memperkatakan tentang keadilan dan kebebasan tetapi dalam masa yang sama mahu menggunakan 'hukum rimba' sebagai mahkamah dan mereka sendiri menjadi hakimnya.

    Sungguh dasyat manusia manusia 'gila' ini.

  2. 1982, i was just introduced to the world during that time when u were being interviewed to be a magistrate.. eheh..

    anyhoo, it is not easy to be a magistrate after all, u've to make the call and whatever ur call, u've divided 2 party, 1 will believe and accept another will dismayed and rebel on the decision.

    to send an innocent person to jail and to freed a guilty person.. tough choice.. i'm glad the decision i've to made just give losses to the company i've work with.. $$ can find whatt... person life.. how lah?

  3. Now there is only Azilah and Sirul left to carry the blame. I wont be surprised they too will be left off the hook. They have no reason or motive at all to kill Altantuya. Those who have reasons are too powerful to be even be investigated so what more to be charged. If it was people like you or me, we will be tortured to death to get a confession. All is not lost yet, there is always God to punish the guilty ones.

  4. bak kata obama.. mcm robin marah kat batman..

  5. a person is innocent until proven guilty...haiya ni lain ma a person is guilty until proven innocent!!

  6. Dey thambi DSN, ni out of topic skit, kalu itu najib jd PM, u jd lawyer balik ke, ayoyo thousand apology


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