Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No politics please...I got headache!

How about not talking politics today?

The Star reports that a girl by the name of Nat was blackmailed by a Singaporean webcam friend. Read here. I am just wondering what could she be wearing while chatting via the webcam? Don't make sense at all! Sendiri cari susah apa pasal?

A friend sent me this sms,
"2008 Karaoke 9 finalist results :
1. Mahathir's favourite song "My Way".
2. Pak Lah - "Dream dream dream"
3. Najib- "your Cheating Heart"
4. Tengku Razaleigh - "I believe I can Fly"
5. Khairy -"Money, Money, Money"
6. IGP- "I'll Be Watching You".
7. Anwar- "Winds of Change"
8. Saiful - "I Swear"
And the winner is,
9. Syed Hamid - "Oh Carol, I'm nothing but a Fool"

To the dear friend....the actual winner is Teresa Kok - "Release Me" !


  1. anwar's favourite shd be love hurts

  2. Amboi...Isn't "Money, Money, Money" from Mama Mia or something more appropriate?
    Hope your head gets better, maybe finding some ppl to sue to make some $$$ will help.. ;)


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