Thursday, October 9, 2008

Go Fly Kites!

Mukhriz: Stop bashing Umno
That's the latest from the StarOnline. I wish to reiterate and warn all members of component parties in BN. Say bad things about UMNO...OVER OUR DEAD BODIES! Go fly kites!
If you are vying for post in your party, so be it! Tell the good things about yourself and what you want to do to improve or whatever in your party.
You have no bloody business talking bad about UMNO.
We in UMNO have more then enough people to talk bad about ourselves. We have 3.5 million members. Can you beat that!?

Mukhriz, I can't agree more with you! Go Mukhriz GO! Go my man!


  1. Is there anything NICE to say about UMNO ? So Malaysia will be littered by dead bodies?

  2. Dear Anak,

    Nice or not nice, UMNO bloggers can do the job. Outsiders smoke cigar....hehehehe


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