Tuesday, October 14, 2008


This is what they say about the Datukship awarded to Shah Rukh Khan...'Malaysians more deserving of Datukship than Shah Rukh Khan'
Whilst admitting that it is entirely up to the State of Melaka to award the Datukship...“It is their right to award the title. But we hope the selection of recipients should have been properly considered first. State governments should ensure their awards are given out to only the most qualified candidates or the awards will lose their prestige,”
Yet they are suggesting a few names..."He also named Azean Irdawaty, M. Nasir, Kuswadinata and Ruminah Sidek as artistes deserving to receive the Datukship."
To those artistes, singers, actors and film producers, smalltalk would like them to watch P. Ramlee's films over and over again. P. Ramlee was not awarded any Datukship. Are you people telling us that you are better than P. Ramlee?
You are not suppose to demand your datukship. Datukship is the prerogative of the State and/or the Ruler of that State.
Being actors and directors of films and dramas, you can be a datuk anytime. Just create the scripts!


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  2. Zawi,
    Ehem ehem....can be defamatory. I did not say that...

  3. yeah, that is why I decided to back off.

  4. Dato',

    That last line kelakar! :))
    But I think it's a marketing strategy (for cuti2 Melaka).Apparently, Datuk Shah Rukh Khan begitu seronok and wrote about it in his Facebook.Imagine the no. of fans all over the world yang tak pernah2 dengar pasal Malaysia or Melaka now would know.I guess we are wooing India's middle class tourists la ni (which is rapidly expanding)

    Tapi jasa rakyat sendiri kena la recognised juga, kan?


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