Monday, October 6, 2008

Berpada-pada lah?

Wow...can't get away for raya without people blogging about you... don't play my back hah!!! Sakmongkol wrote the lawyer joke in his recent post and had also sent me sms

" A lawyer walks into a pet shop wanting to buy a talking parrot. He looks at a parrot and asked the price. The owner answered. This one costs $1000. He can prepare your briefs. The lawyer asked about the price of the 2nd parrot. This one cost $2000. He can even argue yr case in Court. Then the lawyer asked the price of another parrot perching at a corner. How much this cost? Ah..this one cost $10,000. What? Why so expensive? I don't know said the owner. I observe he does nothing...but I heard the other 2 parrots referred him as "senior partner"

Sakmongkol... I'm the 3rd parrot...hahaha...does nothing but highly priced!!!
Looks like Sakmongkol loves BUDU too much. Tell you what....budu when taken with cili and limau nipis and campur a bit of tempoyak.....mak aiiii...mak mertua lalu kat belakang pun tak sedar! BUDU must be taken in moderation. A bit of Bu and a bit of Du. Without Du there will be no Bu! If you want to know what I THE POWER OF BUDU! I was reading about Jazlan and the Senyum Kambing. Berpada-padalah! Not only to Jazlan but to Zahid and Ali Rastam too!
Did Pak Lah say he is not defending his Presidency yet? Did I hear them say "akar umbi" need them to "bertanding"? Oh...come on!
Can't say that there are not qualified to "bertanding" but please look at the mirror lah bro!
Zahid was the Ketua Pemuda before and what has he done? Does he think the orang kampong like the big bikes craze? Orang kampong meluat tengok hang dok berlagak dengan motor besar cam tu la!
Ali Rastam, the Naib Presiden in charge of Biro Keahlian & Daftar Pemilih? Tell me what have you done bro? What happened to the "Keluargaku Ahli UMNO" thing? Berapa orang nak jadi ahli UMNO sekarang bro?
I bet with you la bro Ali, put 2 counters at any malls in the country. One counter for UMNO membership registration and the other for Pakatan Rakyat....see which have the longer queue? Brader Ali was also in charge of biro latihan and did UMNO members "berlatih" or not before they went for the PRU 12 or for that matter the Permatang Pauh BE? Poorrahh!
Jazlan....senyum kambing said it well.....berpada-pada lah! And Khir are still DQ!

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  1. I see these people; Jazlan, Zahid & Ali Rustam going for the deputy president's post ... EXCELLENT!!

    These people ARE USELESS BUMS!
    Whereas myself, I'm just A BUM!

    That means I'm better than all three - I'm qualified to run for the President's post! YAHOOO!


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