Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Zaid, by all means please go!

Zaid sticking to his decision to resign as reported by The Star Online.
Come on Zaid...Go, please go!
You have been the pain in the ass since the date of your appointment. You are also leaving your option open on joining PKR. Please...by all means, kindly join them. PKR need you. If you ever join PKR, please don't forget to go against the decisions of the party if you are in disagreement. Please don't change and please stick to your principles!
UMNO will be better off without you...
Bye Bye Zaid!


  1. go lah.. go lah.. why with all the fuss?
    send resignation letter, maybe he got better offer kot...

    sidetrack: i also just submit my resignation letter, i receive better pay.. that's why people leave rite? better PAY

  2. Kelantan bodoh yang nak mamposss.........


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