Friday, September 5, 2008

UMNO is sick at age of 21?

A blogger friend Sakmongkol AK47 wrote about Umno Recovery Plan URP- UMNO Recovery Plan-2 and its a very interesting analysis of the state of UMNO at the moment and his suggestion on how to recover.

May I ask, recover from what? From sickness or from defeat? UMNO was not defeated during the last General Election. All in all UMNO have 79 Members in Parliament i.e the single largest party out of which 66 are from Peninsula Malaysia. UMNO have more MPs than PAS or PKR or DAP.

Earlier I wrote about life span. The life span of UMNO. UMNO was born on the 11th day of May 1946. That first UMNO had died in 1987 by way of a Court Order. Tun Mahathir, being a doctor, had revived UMNO (medically I supposed) and UMNO Baru was cloned in 1987. That be the situation, the new UMNO is only 21 years of age now.

The first UMNO died at the age of 41 (1946-1987) and the new UMNO is sick at the age of 21? Is the new UMNO dying at 21?

What can we do to ensure the sickness be cured and UMNO continue to survive another 50 years of the life expectancy of Malaysian at 70.05 years?

Sakmongkol diagnosed UMNO's sickness as cancerous and its terminal. Where do we begin the curing process? Should we go see a Bomoh or stick to the modern medicine or go to a Chinese Sinseh?

If we go the Bomoh, his first reaction will be...."Ini buatan orang! Ada orang dengki kat awak!" The bomoh will ask further..."Ada orang musuh dengan awak ke? Kat pejabat ada musuh ke?" You will answer a straight NO. But the Bomoh will continue by saying.."Ada orang nak kat jawatan awak ni. Itu sebab dia bagi awak santau angin. Awak ni kena santau angin je. Saya boleh buangkan santau angin. Pengerasnya.........."
It all boils down to "pengeras"! and eventually its the Power of the BU & DU again.

If we go the Chinese sinseh, the first thing he will offer you Chinese tea in small cups which he said came directly from China. He will hold you hands and check your heartbeat and pulse. He then scribbled in Chinese characters and command you to purchase the Chinese herbs he prescribed at a Chinese Medicine shop he recommends thereto. He don't care if you are cured at the end of the day or you die taking the fake medicines. As long as they can stay in this country and make money out of whatever source, they don't give a hoot. Their loyalty and love remains with the person who can afford their most expensive medicine. It boils down to the equation of "the greener pasture"

Yet again we shall settle with getting treatment the modern way. Do all the scans and MRIs. Do all the blood test and the necessary screenings. If its really cancer, cut it, amputate it or whatever. Thereafter go for chemotherapy or whatever. Its not the body parts that matter. Its the life that is most precious. Some body parts can reproduce, some need prosthetics. Its alright, we should survive a few more years.

Don't forget to pray hard. Pray for a miracle from God!

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