Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How to Become the Prime Minister - For Dummies

Take the following steps:-

1. Join a Political Party and bluff your way through to be its Leader,
2. Be a candidate in an Election under the Party’s ticket or a Coalition of Parties,
3. Win the election with a majority, even if it is by one vote,
4. Ensure that your political party’s candidates win the majority of the seats in Parliament,
5. Get your Party to nominate you for the post of Prime Minister,
6. If your Party holds the majority of seats in Parliament, seek an audience with the Agong to appoint you as the Prime Minister,
7. Get the consent of the Agong for you to be sworn-in as the Prime Minister,
8. You are now the Prime Minister.

That’s the simple straight forward way.

If your Political Party did not have the majority in Parliament, forget about being the Prime Minister until you try your luck in the next election which is normally held within a period of five years known as a Term.


1. Can you topple the present Prime Minister by way of getting the opposite Party Members to join your Party i.e. by party hopping?

Constitutionally, it cannot be done. But for purpose of political scheming, which is, immoral, you may try. Some might buy your ploy; some might call you mad!

2. Even if you get the opposite members of Parliament to jump or cross over to your Party, can you take over the post of Prime Minister?
This process is known as ‘froging” which is immoral and if it involved baits of money or positions, is corruption of the highest order. Which ever way, the present Prime Minister is still holding office as appointment of Prime Minister is by the Agong and not by Parliament. Prime Minister is not a class monitor in primary school where the teacher can appoint whoever the teacher like.

3. Can a Vote of No Confidence force the Prime Minister to resign?
You can try.But you have to remember that you have to lodge the Motion for Vote of No Confidence with the Speaker of Parliament or a least you have to give notice to the Speaker.
The Prime Minister would then have sufficient notice or at least knowledge of your intention. He can decide or opt for two options opened to him. He can face you in Parliament and ward off the Vote of No Confidence. He can also seek an audience with the Agong and advise the Agong to dissolve the Parliament to pave way for a snap election.
If another election is being held, the steps stated above will be repeated.

You might not be the Prime Minister at all. And there is no such thing as becoming a Prime Minister on 916.

It’s nice to dream! Dreaming is free of charge.


  1. bro,
    your first part of yr essay actually gives instructions to the froggy party how to go about it. the second part, provides them the loophole.
    steady dong!

  2. bro sakmongkol,
    Coming soon.....
    How to Survive more than one term...Also for Dummies...hehehe

  3. There's a time where many did not survive more than one term, what happen,do they move too fast or did not look after their constituency well or just plain useless or lose their teeth with the top guns.Maybe they are not a good bodekians eh.


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