Friday, August 22, 2008

The Pahang Broadband Project. Why must Rocky be personal?

Wonder why Rocky work so hard to frustrate Pahang's attempt to bid for the broadband contract.
To Rocky, just wanna say if Pahang were to be given the contract, its not for Adnan. Its for the people of Pahang and Malaysia as a whole. Why go personal with Adnan?
Is this the Rocky who a few years ago came to Adnan in the middle of the night asking for favour to approve his proposal for an advertising job for Tourism Pahang? Oh....that was when he just resigned from NST. Things have changed yeah Rocky?

Earlier I posted a comment at Rocky's bru vide his article The 18 Billion Ringgit Man and I reproduce it here for better understanding of the subject matter "Will Adnan be given the RM18 B Project?"

D S N said...It's really funny and it's really typical Malaysian mentality; making comments without thorough study and analysis and the worst part of it all, the negative and untrue comments were then followed by many other similar comments. This is what is termed as 'the herd-mentality'. The word 'herd' is a collective pronoun normally related to animals.The detractors to the Pahang Technology Resources' proposal must have had their own agenda. Do not get unnecessarily alarmed or jealous. Let the Cabinet Committee and the Cabinet listen to all proposals from all quarters. I am sure the Government will decide what is best for the people and for the government. The PTR's proposal never intended to displace Telekom Malaysia or any other TELCOs but instead it would provide a common broadband infrastructure accessible to all TELCOs and their subscribers. This project is intended to be financed through private funding, which will release the Government of financial burden but at the same time providing the people with ICT facilities at an affordable price. Of course some profits would be made at some stage but the main question is where do the profits go to? If PTR is given the opportunity, certainly the profits will go to the rakyat as PTR is a state-linked government agency. Details need not be listed down as PTR does not want to backbite or badmouth any quarter. Let the Cabinet Committee and Cabinet listen to any proposals from any quarters and let the Cabinet decide. This is not a case of when the deal is closed, dirty money changes hands either in the form of commission or discount during procurement of capex or whatever. REMEMBER, THE RAKYAT ARE WATCHING. PTR IS VERY MUCH AWARE OF. Based on PTR's proposal, the RM 18 Billion includes both OPEX and CAPEX. The first rollout will amount to RM 10.5 Billion only. Please do not get easily irked up! Let any quarter for that matter submit its proposal and let the the Government decides. The PM does not decide nor is the DPM, much less the Minister. The Cabinet collectively will decide. As for cancellation of the signing ceremony, that is not for PTR to respond. Many personalities who would have been involved must have had other priorities to attend to. The photograph depicting MB Adnan showing the 'fuck you' sign was in response to all sorts of vulgar signs including 'fuck you' sign directed to him during the Sanggang by-election which BN won handsomely. It should be all right as long as he does not fuck or sodomize anyone.


  1. as a fella blog reader, I would really like to know about this issue, as I would be one among thousandths of Malaysia that will be using this system if it ever been implemented successfully.
    As I doubt TM to energize this project, I would really doubt another party to take part in the broadband race.
    1) If there's no funding from gov needed for this project. This project would be accepted to government as it won't burden government pocket but will they provide a good and cheap service? I do agree that good thing don't come cheap but monopoly doesn't help bringing any services up i.e Astro and Streamyx. Need not to bring up about these two company services.
    2) Is there only TMNet submitting the tender for this project? How about other Telco provider in Malaysia? Jaring, Greenpacket, etc.
    3) Which framework is used for this project with that vast amount of money? Will it totally revamp the existing infrastructure? Any satellite involved?
    4) If they are adopting Korean or Taiwan framework and infrastructure, I'm hoping they 'tropicalize' it. Overheating of hardware is not acceptable as it is a new system. A new system need to be develop using current situation and taking into account the future growth of the system.
    5) Population cluster to be considered. Streamyx made mistake doing promotion more than they could deliver earlier on. Do take these into account.
    6) Do out cabinet member have any idea about broadband, internet bla bla bla?
    7) Could it be our Cabinet is filled with Yes Man?

    I'm may not be an expert but these things should be in consideration.

    A way to make a presentation looks good and nothing can beat the system is by using a lots of technical jargon. Do ask lots of question and get them to give a laymen term for every jargon used.

    If only I can get a copy of these two contract and study them.

  2. Sorry Sir Taek Koon,
    Can't answer you personally. You blocked your blog and you are anonymous


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